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robert kirk

thinking about instaling headers and sidepipes on my 71 bb 4spd conv. so far everyone i talk to thinks this is the way to go. any feedback would be app. pros and cons. this is a bit pricey would like to make the best decision up front.plan on driving this car as much as possable so i am pulling ori motor and trans now for new 454 and 6spd. dont want to hurt ori pieces. have to make this decision by feb any info would be app. thanks robert

I have them on my car and love them, but there are some drawbacks to them as well so here goes...

They will burn the skin right off your legs in you're not careful.
If you fail to warn passengers they will have no skin on their legs and just may teach you some colorful new words.
Not good for daily driver cars, by this I mean the area where the pipes come together at the collector is in direct line behind the front tires and will catch all the road slime.
A bit expensive
A pain to install

They look awesome!
They sound even better!
Did I mention the look and sound awesome?
They let your motor exhale much better

My advice is to get them coated with Jet-Hot, they won't turn blue from heat like chrome will and they clean up easier than chrome. Jet-Hot now offers a silver coating that contains real silver and these are really nice, you can also get them done in other colors like black and have the sidepipes done in silver(I've seen this done and it actually looks pretty nice).

If you need more specifics let me know.

Got them on my 77, love them:D. if you decide to get them, might want to check out a cross pipe to relieve back pressure from engine. Let us know what you decide
side pipes

I have them on my 77' too, as does sassy...mine are original GM, with the covers...expensive? yes!! sound is perfect, and looks great!! you do have many options other than the Hookers style, check out what they have in Ecklers, or Mid America, the fake ones((plastic covers)instead of the 3piece originals with fiberglass inserts) for the C3 they sell look real, and you have the option of painting them the same color as the car....
Another option is chambered exhaust pipes. They have the same sound as sidepipes and are less expensive. I have them on my 71 454bb and they really turn heads. A set costs about $300. The sidepipes look awesome no doubt-then again there are those nasty burns. Nothing will ruin your GF's Saturday night quicker-or yours for that matter-than touching a hot sidepipe. :) Plus the sidepipes will increase the value of your car to a degree, but probably not to the amount that you spent on them.
Another pro to the chambered exhaust is that the nice sound is directed out the back and not in your or your passengers ear. So you can actually listen to the radio, if you really wanted. Downside would be the chambers reduce ground clearance under the rear axle a bit. I find that I will drag from time to time on rough roads. No matter which way you go you'll love it!!
Good Luck!

I had them on my '67 bb coupe and loved them. Forget the radio but then you won't need it. Always help the ladies and small children get in and out. You should anyway, you know. Burns are the big drawback. I found the chrome easy to clean as you didn't mess up the paint if you had to get aggresive. Great sound and the faster you go the better they sound.

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