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signal flasher

Flasher ?

ANCIENT ~ Welcome to CACC :beer ...and great choice in color, too. :D
You'll probably have an answer soon.
Had to replace my flasher earlier this spring before our cross-country run to BG, and this Chiltons manual I had was a joke...it had me going thru the glove box to get to the fuse panel :confused ...didn't sound right so I bailed and went to the chevy dealer down from my office and let them do it. Still not sure where the fuse panel is exactly, but I don't worry about it now.
Good Luck !!
does anyone know where the signal lite flasher is on a 75 ???

I'm not sure about a '75. On my '81 the flasher is on the inside firewall by the left foot. The flasher is located on the Fuse Panel.

I'm not sure what year they were placed there..

YO-DA to the rescue. :)

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