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smacked into curb, need a bunch of parts. any good parting out places for vettes???



i banged into a curb pretty hard, and need at least a new rotor, control arms, rim, and maybe some other parts as well. at this point, the car had to be towed. it was the rear driver side wheel that sustained the damage. any place where i could possibly get some used type parts for this rear section would be appreciated. thanks a bunch.
Sorry to hear you dinged up your vette. Try the tuners like Mallett or Lingenfelter. They have lots of new and near-new takeoff parts from conversions.

Alternatively, in most parts of the country, there are Corvette salvage places with C5 parts. Check in publications like Corvette and Chevy Trader.

Good luck.
I have a buddy with a salvaged 98 six speed coupe that was absolutly destroyed in the front. The rear is all there. He may be interested in parting it out.

His name is Micheal Britts


When you talk to him, or if you have to leave a message, just tell him that Chris McDonald told you about his parts car.

Good luck
Sorry to hear about the accident. You can check the Corvette store or Eklers and see what they have. Good luck with the repairs
thanks for all the help, but being under some time constraints, i had to get it fixed right away. cost me about 1500, needed new rotor, knuckle, lower control arm, tie rod link and rear drive shaft. hardest part was finding a single rim(they want like 800 for one, could almost buy a whole new set) got one from corvettes of houston (thanks a bunch houston). take this as a lesson learned, no body damage to car, nobody hurt, no other tire/rim damage. strange to say, but i was kind of lucky.
Glad to hear you got it fixed and taken care of so that you can enjoy your Vette again.

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