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Solder rear hatch defrost connections?


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Feb 24, 2001
Santa Monica CA
1989 Black Coupe 6 sp
One of my defroster connection wires has come apart. Has anyone ever attempted to resolder it to the portion at the glass?
Wow, this is some good info on fixing the defroster !!

I repaired a split defroster wire on my ‘94 coupe I had with a “defroster repair kit” that I purchased over the counter in the parts department at my local Chevy dealer. It was similar to the Frost Fighter. Took several minutes to do, just let it cure and your grid will be back in business.

I have a 12 volt soldering iron, I used it to solder them back..you just have to be careful not to get the glass too hot or else it will crack...
I fixed my defroster by using a conductive epoxy by "Circuitworks". You can get this at any electronic store or check their website: www.chemtronics.com. Use it like epoxy, by mixing the two parts together, a conductive part and hardening agent. Had it on for over a year and is still holding together.

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