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Spal Fan Installation Questions


Roy M

Recently I posted a thread about different electric fans and received several good responses. I finally decided to go with the dual 11" Spal fans. Now the questions: Has anyone installed these on a stock 4 core radiator and if so, how did you fasten to the radiator. Looks like the fans will have to be shifted to the A/C side of the radiator for clearence purposes. Also, looks as if a piece of metal will have to be run across the top and bottom of the fans to hold them together as only three pop rivets holding the two fans together.
Also, does the edges of the fans (outside plastic housing) sit up right against the radiator.
Any help with the installation would be greatly appreciated. The wiring will be a breeze as it came with the relays pre-wired with enough wire to do the complete installation.
You should have received with the installation kit (at least I did when I ordered it from "Be Cool" if not give them a call and they will probably sell it to you seperately) two aluminium peices roughly 1.5 inches wide and as long as the the two fans put together.
One goes on the top, one on the bottom of the SPALs and bolted on. Then you should also have 4 to 6 rubber "feet". These go in the holes in the aluminum peices and press right up against the radiator.
Finally the kit came with some powder coated strap iron. They do sell special brackets but I couldn't get mine to work properly. They are very bendable and could not hold the vette radiator firmly at the angle it is at.
I attached the strap iron to the four corners of the SPALs. The top is attached to the existing radiator brackets (the ones with the rubber inserts) and the bottoms I attached to the Radiator Core Support.
If you give me your email address I take some pictures of the install and send them to you.
Would appreciate the pictures. Now my radiator is a stock replacement, not alumimun. I did purchase a piece of 1 and 1/2" wide alumimun to bolt across the fans on the side that will go up against the radiator. Also, I picked up some rubber bushings to put between the radiator and the stap that is bolted to the fans but can not figure out how to fasten to the radiator mount. If I mount at the very top of the radiator, there will be about an inch of the radiator at the bottom that will not be covered by the fan housing. Is that the way yours is or did you center it.
Again would appreciate the pictures. My e-mail address is yor@scrtc.com
Thank you very much, just don't wont to re-invent the wheel if I dont have to.
Just a public thank you to redmist for sending the pictures of his fan installation. They were of great help. Now the fans are mounted, will have to wait until Monday to wire up and should be ready for hot weather next summer.
Again thanks
Could you post those pictures here? Also, Roy, did you do away with your stock fan?
I did away with the stock clutch fan and the shroud. The 11" duals have a shroud of their own, not like the Perma-Cool or similar fans.
If redmist sends you the pictures of his installation on the alumunim radiator. I set up mine similar to his installation. Was a great help.
redmist & Roy M you guys are what we are all about.. COMMUNITY a Corvette Community This is what makes all the work and everything at CACC worth doing and worthwhile :D


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