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Stall Converters


02 C-5

I am interested in the performance gain and problems anybody has with a TC installed . I am looking at a Yank 2800 , steep on price , does TCI or Dayco make a good TC for the C-5's ? I have 3:15 axle ratio . Thanks
Hi Joe,

I am also in the same boat. My c5 is dual purpose for street and drag. Also running 3.15 in the rear. I am working with West Coast Corvettes here in L.A. They offer a trick pkg. including a 2400 Pro-Torque Converter and a 3.42 rear-end. As soon as I get the money I am going for it.

For dual purpose cars, they seem to think that a stall speed of 2400 is the best middle-ground. I guess that in the end it is all about personal preferences and what tradeoffs each of us is willing to make between street driveability and lower e.t.'s.

You might want to give them a call or visit them on-line. They helped me with some excellent mods for the intake and exhaust. The performance has been signficant both on the street and at the track. I went from a disapointing 14.34 to a 13.39 with these mods, 40 lbs. tire pressure in the front, 30 lbs. in the rear, and a bottle of 104 Octane booster!

Currently I am also looking for a wheel and tire drag pkg. that will help me get down into the 12's (see other post on this list).

Hope this helps,

Thanks Gary
I am thinking 2800 stall , what STR would be best ? You are looking at a 2400 stall , What STR does it have ? For me a lower stall with high STR. 2.5 or 3.0 might be what I need . I know some of the guys in the f-bodies are running 3500 with 1.8 STR .
I want mine to operate like this :
1- Roll at idle
2- when gas is applied the car will move
3- Flash to the stall rating or brake torque without braking tires loose
4 - Converter lock up like stock unit
5- No Codes
I have had converters before on old muscle cars , 69 Firebird with a 455 , had good manners , 2400 stall that stalled at 3000 . I don't know what the STR was on that , what a diiference it made . I would like to do this with my Corvette .
Thanks ,

I don't know about STR but I will forward this to a buddy of mine and see what he thinks. I'll get back to you if I hear of anything significant.


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