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Steering Column Squeak



Steering Column

Just bought an 01 coupe. Has anyone experienced any annoying squeaks in or around the steering column?
Thanks for the reply c4c5. I like to set my seat back which has me extending the telescoping wheel. That's when I get the squeak. When I set the seat/wheel forward the squeak goes away, but makes for an uncomfortable seating position. Should I get just get used to it????
A friend of mine had to have the berings replaced in his column. The sound/squeek was when the wheel was turned.
ok, well, telescoping assembly??

Hi there,
WEll, from what you are telling me, you might need the assembly, that actually does the telescoping function. Parts are not available separatly.
If your mechanic is on his game, he may be able to lubricate the upper thrust washer, but I dont know for sure if this is it.
From those that I have done, I would say that this is a safe bet.
Best to you, and please keep us posted, c4c5
Black Ice: Mine squeaks without turning the wheel. Thanks, though.

c4c5: Thanks, as well. Will have the mechanic check into your suggestion.


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