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suspension upgrade

Jun 19, 2003
vancouver, wa
1963 tuxedo black roadster
I'm getting ready to tear down the '63, to rebuild the suspension. It seems that there are no limits to possibilities these days. From the VBP kits to the 4 corner coilover kit from Van Steel to the upgraded frame with C4 stuff. I'd like to know who has done what. How did it work out. Value for dollars spent. Any other comments. Thanks in advance.:)
Looking for the same info.

I am going to do a resto mod on my 63 as well and was just wondering the same thing.

I am going to keep the stock frame but add coil overs and power steering.

Anyone have input on what they have done and how its worked for them?

I know YMMV.
Before there were high tech front end glass springs or coil overs I went with the heavy duty "F41" front and rear springs from VBP. This was before "forums" too. I now know many say these are too stiff for all but the best shocks and not to use them unless you race. They definitely bring out the worst of bad roads.
I have heard that

the F41 is too stiff. I am really wondering about the rides of different combinations that really improve performance on the stock frame.
Anyone gone with coilovers? How have they compared?

I'm using coil overs on my 65 coupe. They are not the Van Steel ones, but Bilsteins with custom made brackets etc. They ride much nicer than before and it handles even better!
Are you running coilovers at all 4 corners? Do you have any pic's to share?
Are you running coilovers at all 4 corners? Do you have any pic's to share?





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