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Tachometer out of service


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Jan 9, 2003
Las Vegas Nevada USA
1981 Oyster coupe
Greetings friends,
I've just registered after reading all your thoughts for many, many months.
My 81 has been well and truly used and abused by too many of the wrong owners. I think every single system needs some attention. "Ridden hard and put away wet" is an apt metaphor. I find myself loving it nonetheless.
My question?
After a recent carb service I noted the Tach didn't work any longer. There's never been a connection to the TACH point at the distributor cap. I've not yet found a fuse for it. Finding a wiring diagram for this thing seems like the holy Grail. Can anyone suggest where I should look? I suspect it's simple but don't have enough resources to get a grip on the problem.
Thanx, Stevein Las Vegas
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The fuse for the tech is the right upper most fuse on the fuse panel 20amps labeled C/H. Power is there when the ignition switch is in the Start or Run position.

A real common problem with our tach's is the small printed circuit board on the back of the tech. It is common for this little fella to develop cracks in the circuits. You can see them by gently flexing the board while observing it in front of a bright light. A little solder usually fixes them.

Good Luck getting your ride back to a beautiful L81.
Thanx for the input Rare81,
I ran out this morning in the dark, confident the fuse would do it. Imagine my disappointment when it was fine. I guess the dash comes out this weekend. Does the signal for this year tach still come from the ignition? There's not a transducer on the flywheel perhaps or from the computer?
I guess the dash comes out this weekend


I hope you don't mean this literally. The dash not need to come out. An abreviated procedure would be: remove instrument cluster lens, remove gauge cluster bezel, remove tach gauge, replace the circuit board. Then reverse steps.

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