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Thanks all who responded to my setting camber question



Ive been away on business for 10 days and wasnt able to monitor all the great feeback to my question.
Again Thanks to all who responded!!
Ill be taking it in soon for total bushing replacement and check out for all apparent problems. Im aware of the new upgraded strut rods and will replace cam type, thanks redmist!

I Found an excellent 350/350 new fulie crate engine that Id like to get in this year two (its the ramcharger engine) Im not sure if it'll fit under my small block hood yet?) if not, theres a 350/330 new holley carbed crate engine that would bolt right in. I'd sure like that FI engine in it though , but certainly wont modify my hood to make it work.
Any body have or heard of these engines Im talking about, Id like to hear your thoughts..

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