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The 383 Has Arrived! WooHoo!



I just picked up my new 383 from a friend of mine, this is what I know it has in it so far, still getting more info and details. I'll type it just as it's written on the sheet. If anyone has desktop dyno I'd appreciate a HP estimate, I have a 700r4 trans and running 3:54 rear end.

383 stroker
350 bored .030 over
Balanced-Blueprinted- all chambers ported
Forged 400 crank w/balancer
Eagle 5.7 SIR rods
HV oil pump/15 shaft
Roller timing chain set
Speed Pro Coated pistons- 10.5 to 1
Moly rings/file fit
Comp Cams- .510 Lift/284-296 Duration (I believe it's an Extreme 284)
Crane Roller Rockers and pushrods (has 1.5 stamped on rockers)
Dart 2.02 Sportsman II heads
Advanced Engine Designs Holley 750 cfm carb
Edelbrock Performer RPM intake

I already know this motor has big brass nuggets as it came out of his 67 coupe, he's an old fart and said it was too much for what he wanted. He drove about 150-200 miles on it so no boring break in period for me either....get in, fire it up, and roast the tires!
Congrats on new 383

"On the road again." How's it running? Who put it together? What's next? I thought you just put new wheels and tires all around. Sounds like major changes. I have to see this. (pictures)
Al Hagel
Hey Al,

Good to see you back! Hope all is going well for you. So far I haven't put the motor in, need to clean it and paint it RED of course. It came out of a friends 67, it was built by Keech's Performance here in Sarasota. The motor has maybe 200 miles on it and I got a chance to test it out before I bought it, smoked the tires all through 3rd gear. No new tires for me(yet!), although the suspension was done last year. I'll post pics after I paint it as it has fluids all over it today from the removal.

Are you coming to the St. Armands show May 4th? Hope to see ya there. I plan to have the car there if all goes well with installing the motor.

Scott. Joined the ranks, eh. That will be sweet with the pipes and baffles. Keep me posted. JCL "Sidepipes are the way"
Here is that Destop dyno you wanted.

The only problem is the accuracy of the camshaft specs. I need to know what the intake centerline is and the degrees of duration before and after max lift on both the exhaust and intake.
This will give you a much better picture of where you reach your peak torque and power.

I had verified this software with a build from edelbrocks website and the peak torque and power were right on but I had the complete specs of the cam. The Ddyno gave me approx 370~380 hp peak and edelbrock had 420. So it is possible you could have more in that engine but the best way to know is to get that sucker on a chassis dyno.

Let us know how it comes out!


oh don't mind the dotted line curve that was from a previous setup just had to modify to your specs.
OH give that engine about 500 miles to break in. You are actually going to feel the performance improve! I did on mine. After 2k miles you are in the clear.

Jim- Finally joined the 383 club, can't wait to get it started and drive it around town to hunt down some ricers. And I can't wait to see how the neighbors like the new baffles, I know I'll have perma-grin :D

Frank- Thanks! I'm not sure of all the technical stuff but I'll ask about it. I figured it had a bit more HP than that shows, I had a chance to drive the motor and it was a real neck snapper and tire smoker. I think I'll find a dyno and see what it can really do. And I'll give it time to break in more before I actually put my foot through the floor.
Hey Scott

10.5 compression!?

What kind of gas are you using and whats the advance on it?
Thats a very similar setup that I want to run.

St. Armand's?


Congrats on the 383. Do you have any details on the May 5th St. Armands...I'm in Tampa. Maybe I'll run down.
Frank- going to use 93+ octane in it, I normally use Amoco because my brother works for them but we have a Sunoco station in town the sells up to 110 racing gas, I might try some 94 to see what it likes better. Not sure what the advance is, haven't got that far, I'm still going through all the paperwork I got with the motor. I do have the cam card and it has some of that type of info on it but I think it's just their standard stuff.

Comp Cams XE284H-10
Gross valve lift .50 .510
Valve timing (open) (close)
at .006 int 36 btdc 68 abdc
exh 82bbdc 34 atdc
these specs are for cam installed at 106 intake centerline
(int) (exh)
duration at .050 240 246
lobe lift .3380 .3400
lobe seperation 110

whatever that means, I just wanted power and a nice lumpy cam. :D

CELT4RAGTOP-Thanks! I believe the show is Saturday the 4th, check in the events section under southeast, I posted a link to the Skyway club site. If you need better direction let me know, a bunch of us are meeting off of I-75/Fruitville (exit 38) to caravan down there.....I live fairly near that exit. If you come early your welcome to stop at the house and wash the bugs off. Not sure what time we are heading out yet, I'll keep the southeast section updated.
I will run an updated simulation with those specs when I get home. That will improve the accuracy of it.

I talked to the mechanic today because I got burned by a supercharged mustang and a 6banger camaro! I told him we have to do something about this and he said alright we will work on it over the summer. We are going to build a real racer, about 11 sec or so. Thats going to be fun!


You ever put that 700R4 tranny in? how did the switch go, if you did?

Wamp '74
Re: 700R4

Wamp said:
You ever put that 700R4 tranny in? how did the switch go, if you did?

Wamp '74

Wamp- I sure did, then me and that lunatic Brutus drove 13 1/2 hours to the museum in it, while I was sleeping he broke some serious speed laws. I estimated we were getting just over 20mpg with the tranny and 3:54 rear gear which isn't too bad considering average speed was 90+ :D The switch wasn't too bad actually, I got a crossmember from BTO that is made for the conversion. The only thing I haven't done yet is put the right speedo gears in, I have them but just haven't got to it yet. Here's a little info....

TH350 to 700r4 Tranny Swap

Lunatic eh? ............That's the nicest thing you've ever called me.
I knew you really loved me.:eek

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