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The Ardun


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Mar 29, 2014
Columbus, NC/NE Georgia
1997 boosted silver coupe
The ArDun (ARkus-DUNtov) OHC conversion

Ardun Overhead Valve Hemi Head Conversion
Ford Motor Company had a rather large contract to furnish garbage trucks to the City of London. There being a difference in the way horsepower was rated in the US versus the UK, the engines were under powered and Ford was about to lose their contract. FoMoCo hired a young consultant engineer, a Russian emigrant, to address the problem. He designed an OHV head adaptation for the flathead. Later he was to achieve fame at Chevrolet as the father of the Corvette. His name was Zora Arkus-Duntov, and the head was named ARDUN (ARkusDUNtov. A surplus number of heads found their way to racers and hot rodders. Later Chrysler's first hemi was almost a dimensional copy, just short of it being interchangeable.
Ford Flathead V-8, Ardun OHV Conversion - Museum of American Speed

The history of the Ardun heat-treated cast-aluminum head is one of significant interest in the racing community and more than enthusiastic interest, eventually, from the hot rodding hobby. These unique hemispherical heads were the brainchild of Zora Arkus-Duntov and his brother Yura Arkus-Dontov. They’re rare – as rare as any piece of performance equipment ever created, and yet they still exist (in limited quantities) 50 years after their birth. These conversion kits are sought after like pieces of jewels by speed-obsessed individuals interested in adding their names to the pages of land-speed record books – and those who simply like rare and exotic things.
Ardun OHV Conversion Kit - HistoryPage

Pictures: www.ardun.com/ardun_pictures.htm

Zora Arkus Duntov was an engineer's engineer.
Old thread but I still love those garbage truck heads.

Good stuff........
Had a chance to buy a complete Ardun setup back in 1972.

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