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The Franklin Mint BIG Vette...


My husband bought it too. It's on display at his new office.:eyerole Along with the Callaway.:eyerole He :love the Franklin Mint Vettes.:w
60 vette

I think he"s the luckiest guy next to me ,I finally ordered three and with just a little luck i will have the real thing at carlisle 2003 ISNT THAT THE REAL BIRTHDAY Mooseman

He's pretty lucky, and I think he knows it. In fact he drove the 98 to work today, it's such a beautiful day here.:cool :w

Ok first off he has you i know i know your the next best thing to betty davis lol anyways i can just imagine how warm it is there and to be able to dodge bugs instead of snowflakes makes my heart pitter patter anyhow this is it go to http://www.diecastmuscle.com or MTR enterprises or mtr@diecastmuscle.com the item number i think you will like is 33208 you can order it but it is not released to the public as of yet. golly how i long for TEXAS and THE YELLOW ROSE Mooseman
Thanks Wayne,

I'll send him to the site as soon as he gets home.:) I appreciate the compliments, they can make an old lady like me blush.:D :w
corvette models

Ok just how many 60 corvettes did the yellow rose of texas order: Mooseman PS its still snowing here.and its april 29.2002

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