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The Franklin Mint BIG Vette...


Gone but not forgotten
Jan 30, 2001
Hermosa Beach, CA
1987 Z51 Silver Coupe
FM offering...

I ain't gonna say if it's exactly brand-new, but it's the first time I've seen it. :gap

I got this in the mail this afternoon:

It doesn't get much bigger or better than this! Satisfy your quest for power by acquiring a Premier Edition of this ultra-rare, ultra-scale model of America's favorite sports car.

Dear Collector:

It leaps out of the past like a great, prowling beast. When the accelerator went down and the clutch pedal came up, the 1967 Corvette L88 roared down the road wi th a vengeance. This may have been the cleanest and purest of the Sting Ray series, but under its hood lived a big-block V-8 with an estimated power of 430hp horses. It was designed to overwhelm the quarter mile. Only 20 were ever built.

Today, we pay homage to that rare road rebel with our Official 1967 Corvette Sting Ray L88 • Connoisseur's Series Premier Edition. Think of it as raising the bar in modelmaking.

This monumental 1:12 scale model is constructed with fiberglass panels, just like the real thing. From the frame up, every part is carefully painted, hand-polished and hand-finished to a showroom luster. This breathtaking beauty features a Rally Red exterior and basic black interior. It's a dream come true and assembled entirely by hand from more than 500 separate parts.

Go ahead, check out the real leather interior. Every feature is perfectly replicated -- from the three spring-spokes on the steering wheel to cushioned seats, from the console-mounted hand brake (it moves!) to the cluster of instruments on the dash -- every grommet and gauge is here in a model that must be seen to be believed!

Push a switch and the headlights, brake lights, reverse lights and instrument panel illuminate. The horn works, and you can even hear the sounds of the big-block V-8 being wound out. Doors open and close, functional steering operates the wheels, the drive shaft rotates and the hood opens to reveal the fully detailed replica of the L88 engine. The ashtray, glove box and gas flap open, and the windows crank up and down.

Act now, and you can be one of the first to own this masterpiece! Your Connoisseur's Series model will be sequentially numbered, and comes with a certificate of Authenticity. To make this remarkable model yours at an attractive issue price, sign and mail the enclosed Commdssion Authorization by the date shown.

Stewart Resnick

P.S. Don't miss out on this opportunity to own this world-premier collecting opportunity. Enter your commission now!

TELEPHONE 610-459-6553

It looks and sounds like a pretty neat model, but I think I could do with out some of the "bells and whistles" (i.e., the working horn, lights, etc.), if it would lower the cost some.

This model will sell for "5 Easy Payments of $99 each" (not including shipping and handling, etc.). :eek

The '58 1/12 scale model I got from Automobilia (it was available through
Eastwood Company but now I can't find it anywhere, and Automobilia is a dead link. :()
, is a very nice model indeed, and it only cost $100.00. ;)

_ken :w
I would like to have that. And only half what I paid for the '59.

I got that flyer too. I can do a lot on the p'up or the '59 for 500 bucks. It is a fantastic model though.

The trouble is Tom, I've got that '58 in 1/12 scale and this would make such a nice match. ;)

_ken :w

(Along with the 1/6 scale 350 Engine. :L)
Confirmation came today, I bought one. :gap

_ken :w
WOW! That's the first model I've seen that's actually big enough to perform a frame-off resto on. :L:L Uhmmm, congrats Ken!

Let's see, new brakes for the 71 or an itty bitty 67. What do you guys think?

- Eric
Gotta love those EASY payments.

You can also check out The Danbury Mint they have Vettes and other cars too. I got a '63 Stingray from them and it is very nice, and very detailed. It cost $90. Happy New Year everyone.
Oh yeah! Danbury does a couple of REAL nice street machines; a pro-street '57 and a hot-rodded '55 Nomad. They're both great cars! :J

_ken :w
Since they make a "small" '59, you think, maybe, they'll make a BIG "60? No offense Tom.:D
Tom, check this thread out: You knew I had to be.... I have a '58 that I got from Automobilia (I think) for around a hundred bucks. You could always make a '60 out of it by removing the spears and figuring a way of eliminating the hood louvers. ;)

Automobilia was a part of Eastwood Company at the time, but I couldn't find it when I went to look later. They must have closed up shop. :eyerole

The die-cast 1/12 scale model is manufactured by Gearbox Toys & Collectibles, but I can't find it anywhere in their index anymore either. However, the '58s are still available, mine is white w/silver coves, but red w/ white coves and black w/silver coves are all that I can find now.

See them at: Sabille's Die-cast18.com. They are available for $99.99. :upthumbs

Thank's Ken,

I need another project. That black one would convert to a black '59 easily. I don't understand why they used the red dash and steering wheel with the black seats and carpet but it would be simple to make it all black.

Here's a thought. Strip the hood and trunk lid. Solder the trunk spear holes shut. Fill the hood louvers from the underside with solder and gently file off the louvers from tne top side. Use glazing putty to fill imperfections.

I hope this one isn't going to turn into another lo-o-o-ng wait for the model like it was for my '63 Impala SS; that one took almost a year! Every time I check the Franklin Mint site, it's telling me that it will ship in "4 Weeks Or More" :r

_ken :w
Franklin had a vendor setup at the NCRS show. They had a 67 that was huge. I can only imagine what it cost!
It was absolutely gorgeous!!!!!!
Not exactly Corvettes, but I collect all kinds of diecast sports cars. I have an Italian kit Pocher Ferrari and Pocher Porsche. There 1/8 scale (almost 2 feet long) Everything works like real one almost. Spring suspension/shocks, everything opens, leather interior and real carpet, cloth seatbelts, working shifter, fan belts, hoses w/clamps, even has tiny keys w/keyfob that actually unlocks doors and ignition switch. As for Corvettes, there was a big Monogram model in 1/8 scale as a kit of the 84 Corvette. You may still find one assembled or unassemled in an older hobby shop or EBay. I have a pretty accurate replica of my 86 Targa top that was a 1/8 scale 'Barbie' car. There are several different Corvettes that she had. I painted mine to match my real one. I got it off Ebay for $25. Some even have working features like lites or R/C
It's here!

Click the pictures to view them 640x480 size.

This one didn't come out as clear as it should have, but I didn't have the lighting right or anything - I'm just so excited about the car!

I've never seen such detail on a model before; the air cleaner comes off to reveal the carburetor in all its glory, the wiring is right on the mark, the fan blade spins, all of the linkage is there, there is even a factory-style sticker on the rear of the right valve cover, just like you'd see on a real L-88.

The driveshaft and half-shafts turn, the wheels come off by unscrewing the center cap, thereby revealing the disc brakes and suspension assembly.

The lights all light up, including the instrument panel (I tried to capture that, but it didn't come out at all, and I don't feel like looking for my camera's book to figure out how to turn off the flash. :L). Both the low and high beam headlights come on with a second push of the headlight switch. Hit the brakes and the brakelights work. (They also work the same as on the real car in that when the taillights are lit and you hit the brake pedal, the brake lights come on. They also come on if you hit the brake and don't have the headlights on. ;))

The windows roll up and down with the crank handle on the door. The "wing" windows pivot as they should. The e-brake and shifter move, as well as the seat backs. The seats are also soft in that they "give" to the touch. The rear convertible top cover (hatch?) lifts to reveal a folded canvas top. The top is permanently folded so you cannot lift it into position. It's a minor drawback, but it would have been a nice touch.

There is a set of keys hanging from the ignition switch, push the keys and the engine comes to life. I'd like to use the word "roar" here, but with a computer chip telling a tiny speaker to roar, you're not likely to be jerked around at the sound. It is an accurate representation if you listen close enough. :L

The horn beeps when you push the horn button, but mine is finicky in that it doesn't always want to beep. Oh well, I don't drive with my horn, and I hate the sound of beeping horns anyway, so I won't miss it. ;)

I'll probably discover more things as I play with it over the next few days, but I'll be sure to tell y'all about it if I do. :D

_ken :w

Definitely worth the money! :upthumbs
Looks and sounds like its great Ken. Did you order it from Franklin and how much did you pay if I could ask? I may like one to add to my collection too. It fun to play with em when there that big :D.
60 corvette model

Has anyone heard anything about american muscle releasing a 60 corvette /same as 59//well I ordered two.Think it should have been three Limited production beliebe 1/18 I have the 59 in 1/24 by motor max

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