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The ol' Vette is sick



Let's start off by saying I've checked the timing, changed the plugs and wires and I have no cats to get clogged. The engine misses and jerks at idle and throughout the driving range.
I have hooked it up to my scanner and a friends scanner and both of them give a code 44. Almost forgot to tell ya I've changed the O2 sensor as well .
The car will barely idle and barely run. From behind it sounds like one hell of a cam. Has anyone had this problem or know how to fix it.:confused

Thanx, Brian ;help
Does your Vette have a lot of miles on it? I had a freind awhile back with a high mileage v8. The timing chain slipped atooth or two and he had a symptom like yours. I would check the distributor timing and see if #1 TDC on the distributor matches with the piston coming up on the compression stroke and having the timing marks alligned. They should match. If not. you may have that problem.

Amost forgot.................

Look for a really bad vacuum leak! Bad hoses, etc.

Try the following

You might check your IAC motor, but that would only affect idle.

Code 44 IS your O2 sensor. Check that your lead wire is not melted against the exhaust
or broken in any way.

Also try unplugging the MAF sensor
This will force the car into OPEN LOOP on the ECM ( Which the bad O2 is probably doing anyway) BUT try it with the MAF unplugged.
And Drive it!

Was that the ONLY code?

Let us know

Oh yes

Measure your fuel pressure.

Was the car running lean?
code 44 is lean exhaust indicated!

not running right

check for a vac. leak. get a can of carb cleaner and spray around the intake and hoses if the idle go up thats your problem.also take your throttle body off and see how dirty it is, they can get real bad but you cant tell by just looking in take it offand clean it with carb cleaner be careful not to ruin the sensors or tps.
Thanx alot guys, the prssure is good so it could be the throttle body or timing chain. I'll try them this week.

:beer thanx again, Brian :drink

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