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This 2020 Corvette Could Be Yours for Only $170,000!

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P.T. Barnum, the well known American showman from the mid-19th century once said:

"There's a sucker born every minute..."
...and that has never been more true than right now in the Corvette marketplace.

Between all of the numerous awards and accolades the new 2020 Corvette has garnered from the automotive media, to all of the production delays the car has experienced due to a UAW strike and the COVID-19 epidemic, the most perfect storm has been created.

A perfect storm, where car dealers can ask exorbitant amounts of money above and beyond the original MSRP for a new OR used 2020 Corvette.

One such example is this CarFax certified, pre-owned 2020 Corvette with 3,500 miles on the odometer and currently for sale for just....wait for it.... $169,999!

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