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Throttle Performance Switch


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Aug 1, 2001
2003 Z06
I was looking in the Eckler's catalog and came across this item. It says:

Our Throttle Performance Switch will provide an immediate improvement in throttle response and the maximum amount of fuel and timing advance. Best of all, installation is a direct plug-in to the throttle position sensor and requires no tools! Great for any stock or modified engine. Does not affect idle and is 50 state legal.

Has anyone used one of these? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
Bullwinkle, I've heard of that before but have never tried it. I don't know anyone that has either.......

throttle switch

hi bullwinkle...

i have used the throttle switch in conjunction with a chip for over a year and i am satisfied. i have a 1990 convertible 6 speed.

rg lane
I'm with Len on this. I have the throttle switch on my92. It does pretty much what they say. At about 2/3 throttle it makes the computer think you have it floored. There is nothing fancy about it. It's not worth $100. $10 maybe $20 if you're generous. Spend $200 and get the chip. You'll get what this switch does and so much more.
Graham, how much does it affect the mpg?

Funny you should ask. I checked that aspect too... Commuting on about 75% highway and 25% intown driving. I averaged about 20.5mpg. I use the switch and average 19.5mpg. This is over quite a few tank fulls of gas. So I think it's reasonably consistent.

In retrospect after having tried it. I would spend the extra $100 and get the chip. Once I get the extra cash together I'm going to do the chip and remove the switch.

So if anyone wants to try the switch I'll sell mine.

If you've only had it 2 weeks then send it back and swap for another one or a refund. I've had mine under the hood for 6mo and it doesn't do that.
It's encased in epoxy. I'm sure there is a slight resistance change when it heats up but not anything I've noticed.
I tie-wrapped mine around one of the hoses that goes into the intake somewhere. It gets hot for sure but doesn't move around.
I don't have any experience with the throttle switch on the corvette (though I was thinking about getting one come Spring) but I do know that my buddy installed one for his 2000 Grand Am GT and there was a very noticable difference in acceleration. I was very impressed and hoping it had the same effect on a vette!

Thanks for the info Graham. I might do the chip thing in the spring then.


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