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Tire sizes



HI all..new to the board, Im a ford man but dont hold it against me...it seems ive inherited a 82 vette by virtue of marrying its owner. I have a quick question for you. I am replacing the tires on it next week. I need to know the fattest tire size that will fit without rubbing on the front and back. Emphasis is on handling. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Welcome To The Corvette Action Center Joeverb!

Joeverb said:
Im a ford man...

At least you didn't capitalize the name. :L

I can't help you with the tire size, but there are lots of Shark owners here that'll be glad to help. You just happened to join at a time where we're going through a server change, so many members aren't available at this time. Hang in there, someone will respond.
I don't know about the 'fattest' but I have 255/60R15 BFG Radial T/A's on all four corners of my 1978 L-82.
The largest you would want to go with 8 inch rims is 255 series. Anything larger would protrude from the wheel well. There are not to many companies making 255 tires on a 15 inch wheel anymore. In fact, I can't find anything rated higher than S or T speed rating. The most popular is the BF Goodrich Comp/TA, but I read last night some good things on the Firestone Firehawk 220. It is about the same price and looks more aggressive than the BF Goodrich tire. And there is no recall on them. In fact you may be able to get a better price from local tire shop just because they are Firestones. Good luck.


255/60/15 is the correct tire I took off 70 series on my 81 and man what a difference in handleing
80convertible said:
...I read last night some good things on the Firestone Firehawk 220. It is about the same price and looks more aggressive than the BF Goodrich tire. And there is no recall on them. In fact you may be able to get a better price from local tire shop just because they are Firestones...

Hey Joe, I think Jim was referring to the Firestone Firehawk SS20. I got a set of 5 for my 71 a week ago and they are great. Jim's right, they look a lot better and much less common than the BFG T/A. They were cheaper too:). I liked them so much, I ordered a set today for my Z24 to replace the Yokohama POS tires on it. I purchased the tires from Tire Rack and the people there were really helpful. Someone actually called me to let me know when they would ship. In addition to looking better, the Firehawks are one of the best rated tires in their class.

As for size, I'm a lot more conservative, I went with 225-70-15.

On my 81 I have 255/60 on the front and 295/50 on the back, I have never had any rubbing even with a passenger and tools in the back compartment.

Protect your paint!

This may seem like a no brainer but I thought I'd mention it since you're a ford man...if you go with wide tires you should probably invest 20 or 30 bucks on some Nip Chips or Cleartastic paint protectors. They're available through just about every Vette catalog on the planet and are well worth the money.:crazy
I think i just got my first Dis! LOL

Thanks for the tip there 71shark
Joeverb said:
I think i just got my first Dis! LOL
Actually I was referring to the fact that fiberglass reacts differently to rocks than metal. What bounces off of one might just take away some of the other.

For a ford guy, you must be okay if a Vette owner married you. Or maybe she just a very charitable person.:L Now that was a dis.:bash
Tire Size

Does anyone see a problem with 275/50 up front and 295/50 in the rear on an 80 and these will be on 15x10 rims
Hey! 2 new guys to pick on

Welcome Joe and silvertoy.

We can't hold that ford thing against you Joe. Why even our fearless leader drives a ford truck. BTW Joe, I got my '81 the same way you got your '82. The plate still says HER AT1 and there is no doubt that she means it. :eyerole

Stay with the 255 60 15

A very good friend BLACKDOG has 50 series tires on his 80, and during our cross country run to Bowling Green this year the DoG was not a happy camper (at times) those tires tossed his car all over the highway and in SOME states the roads were so rough he bottomed out inside the fender wells..

IMHO the 255~60~15 will perform and do anything you want, from straight line racing to auto crossing.

And Welcome aboard :D

Bud :w
I went with the firehawk 255/60/15.
Although i will modify the vette somewhat this is really her cruiser and i think they will be fine. They look great BTW.
Rare81...255/60/15 sound good but will you agree with me on the 10"rims
Another plug for Firehawks

78 has had Firestone Firehawks since I met her. I've been very pleased with the life of these tires. They last forever (just about) if you don't drive too hard and everything is in alignment. 255 60R15. We just had new 'tennyshoes' put on her this spring, as it appeared the low tread was floating us all over the road in Southern rains! These tires lasted over 4 years of daily driving, with only 4 months off for winter.
In college, the rage was BF Goodrich. I found them to be a too soft compound tire that required early replacements. As for tire size, unless she really wants to DRIVE, I'd just keep them stock. Even stock, they tend to throw you around on the road...and that's just DRY roads! Wet roads/standing water are even worse!!! I think 78 handles just fine in her original shoes.
We don't need no fancy high heels!!! (or high wheels!) ;)

Doug78............the $1000 question is will 15 x 10 rims work all the way around. I'm looking at American Racing Torq-Thrust II

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