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TPIS Headers



Wondering if anyone is using these headers? or knows someone that is, and if they noticed any performance gains, and how the install was.. thanks

Sup Beau!!!
I dont know anyone using TPIS, but my cousins 83 Z28 had headers. Sometimes the headers dont bolt up exactly flush with the heads, this makes a ticking sound because there is an exaust leak. Just thought i would contribute to your topic. :D
Hey Beau,
Don't know anyone personally, but have seen a few cars with this setup. I heard those are supposed to be the best headers.......they sure look like it. Not sure about any performance #'s. As far as install goes, some friends of mine have installed headers on their L-98's & I heard that it wasn't that difficult.

Bought Them

Well I just got off the phone with TPIS and they are shipping my headers out today :D They should be at my home, by Tuesday or so.. Now I just have to wait until I get out of school.. lol Just thought I would let everyone know :)

Scweeeet:upthumbs You made a good choice...........post some pics when you toss 'em on:)

Think this headers are cool.
But i know that you will loose some torque with them.
You just get more top end power.


It mine. The headers came with the y-pipe and cost 750 $. I bought the 1 3/4", with out the EGR connectors.

The installation was not easy, the holes for the bolts were not nice made, so they had to drilled out. Also the original bolt don't fit anymore, so I had to dammage my tubes. $#*&@^!!

I have no cats and a B&B tri-flow 2,5"exhaust. First I tought I was driving a tank, but the problem was, that a exhaustclamp was turned, so it hit the bottem of my body! Now I love the sound of my vette!

One thing, I have tested my car on the dyno, and under 2000 rpm my vette has a little less fuel, this gives a strange feeling when you drive with headers.

In a few months I will install my new DTA computer system, this will solve the problem.

Good luck with the headers.
I had a buddy that order a set and the lead time was crazy. He ended up going with Exotic Muscle headers and really loves them. He said the install was pretty easy with no fitment problems.

My mechanic went with Hooker Headers. They look great and sound *****in' with out the cats. I'm not sure what gains he got with the headers.

My girlfriend ordered me a set and they are sitting at the shop waiting to be installed. I failed my emissions test because of too much unburned fuel. The headers will go in after I pass emissions so I can go catless for the next 2 years.

After I get them in, I will dyno the car and see if they really help out alot. I'm not expecting to see any big gains, maybe 15rwhp, until I get my heads and cam package installed. Right now, I'm at 266rwhp/299rwtq, SAE corrected.

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