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I have a 72 conv been in the family since 1976 second owner. Any way had the clutch done and I am wondering if the trans was replaced with what ever. There is vibration,pop out of gear on decell,and so jumpy in revserse I can only partial clutch it. A gm mechanic did it at his house . Anbyhow I woulld like to know how or where to go to check the numbers on the trans to see if it goes with the model year etc.. Any help would be appreciated. BGCYCLE
believe it or not the clutch plate can be installed backwards
which will of course cause problems
... .... . .. . Anbyhow I woulld like to know how or where to go to check the numbers on the trans to see if it goes with the model year etc.. Any help would be appreciated. BGCYCLE

BGCYCLE ~ Welcome to The Corvette Action Center Community ~

I have websites to look up engine casting #'s VIN's but nothing for Transmission .. so I am sorry I can't help you there, I wanted to welcome you aboard. We have a "gentleman" (I use that term with tongue in cheek) name 59Tom that has almost every book made on anything with a motor in it and can usually come up with the answer. I'm sure he'll be along here before long, so please be patient.. while you are waiting please check out some of the other sites within The Community here i.e. "The Portal" , "Specifications", "Techical Pages" and even our members ride section.

Good Luck with your '72

Sorry to have taken so long to reply but here goes.

The all-important numbers are located on the drivers side near the rear of the cover. The code should start with "P" followed by the last digit of the model year (2 in your case). The remaining digits are codes for the month and date and the last six of the VIN. I should know the codes for the month and date but must apologize, I can't find that anywhere, if I find it I'll let you know.

If the tranny was replaced with a later one built by warner the first letter will be an "R" for 76-77. After 77, they adopted a two-letter code that varied. If you find that none of the letters I mention are on your tranny, let me know and I'll give you the ones for 78+.

This info should get you started and there is a lot more where it came from. Let us know if you need anything more detailed or if this info doesn't jive w/ your car. Some other members have much more extensive libraries so if you need more, it's available here.
HI got some nice replys on my trans ID problem. The car has run very good with no trans problems since I have had it. I have the felling that this mechanic switched trans on me. It all started with having him put new u-joints in the rear drive shafts . After having that done the same day the clutch slipped so bad I had to tow it back. When the trans and clutch was taken out there was hands full of cloth like [fuzz balls] . The car was not laboring ie binding drive train. A mechanic finatic I'not but I have personally taken the heads of and had them reworked and droped the pan and removed the pistons ,honed the walls,gauged the rod brgs and put in new rings . This was done aprox 10,000 miles ago so I know MY vette . Thanks again for the info when I get under and look at the #s I'll let you know. Bob
Good job Eric.

How do you know I have a lot of books Bud? Maybe I'm just brilliant.


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