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Trouble w/ Gauges


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Apr 2, 2001
'74 Yellow/Tan int '96 Black/Black int LT4
Just bought a '74 350, Total stock car. Last owner did only what the mechanic said needed done. Good part was he was a light foot, so car runs like a CHAMP! Turning car in to get repainted today due to Mr. Radiator man Scratching it replacing the core. In prep for paint job I have removed the Interior molding, to CLEAN, and REPAIR the small defects (hope those vinyl repair kits work) Having the hardest time removing the Speedometer and Tach Moulding, ANY HINTS? Also my trip meter is INOP, so thought I could check that out in process.

(Vette broke in AZ)


Welcome to the CAC Forum. I don't know much about the C3's but I think they're beautiful. I'm sure that more than one member has experienced the same difficulty you're having and will explain the easy fix. It's sounds like your car is in really nice condition. Please post pictures when it's finished. We'd love to see it!

Welcome to the forums. I'm sure that somebody here has done that before. Help is on the way.

6-pack job!

You mean the driver's side dash panel, right? Yes, it is a PITA to remove. Not really difficult, but very involved and time consuming. If you rate the jobs according to the number of beers needed to complete them, then this is a 6-pack job.

I'll try to guide you through the necessary steps, even though you may have done some of them already, since you've already removed some parts.

  • Remove the screws on the top, right side and left side of the panel.
  • Remove the lower steering column cover (that small vinyl covered part at the column's base).
  • Contort yourself under the dash and unhook the tach and speedo cables (press the clips and pull the cables). The panel is loose now, but you will barely be able to move it, because of the steering column. So...
  • Look under the dash and you'll see two large bolts that hold the column. Remove them, and the column will drop a bit. That may or may not give you enough room to maneuver the dash out and disconnect all the stuff. If not...
  • Loosen the bolts that secure the column at the firewall. That will lower the column a little bit more. However, even after doing that I found not enough room to safely pull the dash (remember: after so many years those panels are quite brittle, and can break very easily, so better not force it too much). So I had to...
  • Remove all the windshield molding and remove the top dash pad. (Guess you did that already, didn't you?) Then I had a lot of room to disconnect all the stuff and remove the dash.

Needless to say, label all the wires and vacuum lines, so you know how to put everything back together.

Hope this helps!

thnks All 4 the welcome

Pedro (u the man) Thought I could leave gauges and wireing in and just remove the dash moulding. Guess not. I do have to remove that darn speedometer and see whats wrong with the trip meter. The car is getting painted now, so will have awhile till I can brave the removal of the dash. Thnks for the detailed inst.

Radiator dude caused all this havoc, layed the hood on the top while fixing the radiator (see leaks in pic) Hood slid and made scratches, Radiator dude almost lost his life!

Pic is a before:

That's right: the speedo, tach, and headlight switch will all come out with the dash molding. As I said, it's not really difficult, and you may even find your build sheet as a bonus. Just be patient, take your time, and have a cold one handy. :)

Great looking car! I totally understand why the radiator guy almost "buttoned up the pine suit". :D I'd have killed him!

Good luck on getting your dash apart, I'll be doing the same thing in just a few days. I need to replace some light bulbs and get my speedo silk screened or what ever they do to them to make the numbers look better. Also, great looking ride, I'm a little partial to red, but yellow is a close second!

Thanks for all the good info!!!!!!


Just bought the vette on the 7th of March, Never cared to much for YELLOW myself but it sure has grown on me, The sun sure shines good off it. I have a few weeks before I can brave the rest of the dash, Turned it in to paint shop yesterday AM, miss her real bad already! Anyone out there got a spare Fan shroud laying around? Anyone go electic on thier fan?

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