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Turn signals



I just got an 81 from a guy in Cal. and when I hit the turn signal left or right all the lights flash. He had some junk alarm system in it and they tried wiring into the steering column so I pulled column apart and some of the parts were missing or just sitting in there on the bottom. I have since found another column but haven't gotten it yet but just wondering if the blinders problem would be in the column or somewhere else.I have looked at wiring and haven't found any crossed over wiring anywheres so guessing I will have to wait for column to come in before I know if that fixes it or not.I was going to fix column but so many parts missing figured easier to get complete used on and have this for parts if I ever need them.It didn't lock with the keys out either and the dimmer switch and parts are missing along with all the horn contacts.The blinder switch only had the v shaped tin and seems to want to come on with the slightest touch.
While here I also have a headlight problem!I get vacumn to the vacumn relays and to the canister but very little out of the canister!Does the canister block up and could I clean it out or just replace it?


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Jul 3, 2001
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Maybe they pinched/bent/twisted the hazard light switch, and when you select a left or right blinker it makes contact and kicks the hazards on? Could be a simple as playing with that and getting it back to the right spot.

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