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Question: Up grading rocker Arms


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May 4, 2010
California City Ca
1986 C-4 Corvette
Upgrading rocker Arms

Full Roller rocker arms.
Which ones and why
I have a set of 1.5 CHM USA made aluminum full roller rockers arms.
But I read many other threads saying the aluminum ones fail over time due to work Harding I don’t know how true this is but I been thinking of upgrading up to a set of Steel Full rocker arms is worth it or Aluminum one good enough for a mild built street motor.
I not running a High lift cam everything is mellow I don’t rev the motor to the moon it’s a everyday street car not a track car.
The motor might once in a while be revved to 5200 to 5500 RPM’s but that’s every now and then not often.
I know I'm going to install new roller-rockers soon and they will be aluminum with steel rocker inserts as full roller rockers.
I think its the half roller that has wear issues. The aluminum rocker with a roller tip..
I also believe that many people fail to get the correct pushrods for their new rockers...if the rod is too long by a few thousanths then the roller-tip rides off the valve stem..same if the push rod's too short.

I'm shopping them all, and there are dozens of brands and everybody has their gimick...blue aluminum, stamped, whatever, I think I'll choose some that are light and last. Picking which ones do both is the challenge..

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