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Updating Mid-year Suspension Components


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May 1, 2002
South San Francisco, CA
1963 Convertible 327/300 3TL
Hello, all,

Okay, I'm in the process of re-assembling my '63 (non-resto) roadster. I will be updating my brakes to discs, and purchasing new trailing arm assemblies. When it came to ordering the new parts, my thought was to upgrade to all 1966 components, mainly because of the availability that year of the dual-circuit brake system. Are there any fit or compatability issues I need to be concerned with?

FYI I plan on installing all new brake components, front to rear (including hydraulic lines).

Thanks in advance. -Ken-
Don't forget about the emergency brake. I haven't done a drum to disk switch, but all the parts from a 66 should fit.
Thanks, WayneC,

Upon further reasearch, I 've noticed that the parking brake actuating mechanism was re-designed for '64; the equalizer bar was moved from the left frame rail to a location towards the center of the frame.

I don't see a clear and present need to modify the '63 setup, but I wonder if the emergency brake cables used in '63 will connect up to '65-'67 trailing arm assemblies....any thoughts from our esteemed membership?

Thanks again. -Ken-
No, I seriously doubt the old rear cables are going to work. The 67-up setup requires cable brackets on the frame and trailing arms, and the rear uses a single cable (with much different ends) versus the two cables used on drum brakes.
When changing to disk brake trailing arms you will need to move the rubber bumper from the outside of the frame to under the frame as best as I can remember.

Ol Blue

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