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Upgraded Hoses



OK, I want to spark a bit of a debate here. While going through the engine compartment, I plan to replace any of the hard to get to hoses. I have used the blue Aeroequip hoses in the past on a number of projects, or the blue silicone. I am not much of a fan of braided steel. I am thinking of going back with the blue Aeroequip mainly because they are supposed to last longer than conventional hoses. Do you guys have any thoughts on this topic? Are you in favor of the Aeroequip stuff, or have any of you run into problems with them. I can tell you, that the main down fall of these hoses, are that once installed, they are far harder to remove than rubber. Most of the time I have to split the ends to get them off. Thoughts?
I'll be watching this thread as well, I need advice when mine comes together. ;)

_ken :w
Upgraded hoses

Aeroequip hoses are very high quality products. I deal with using Aeroequip hoses on military aircraft I work on periodically. Can't use junk on aircraft, cause we all know that ya' just can't pull one over to the side of the "sky" when it breaks down. Also I "poke" around with my local town law enforcement vehicles. Which are 2000/2001 Ford Police Interceptor package cars. The coolant system hoses are the heavy duty blue silicone hoses. These cars are racking up high and very hard miles on them,and I haven't seen a failure yet. Hope this helps. :xmas Sarge

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