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vacuum or mechanical



which is best of the two carbs.i am running a large street cam and wonder if it will affect the vacuum secondaries.also, i am getting stuttering at higher speeds.could this be a fuel problem or timing?
Good question. The mechanical may give you a little more flexibility to get a guaranteed fuel dump on demand.

The shutter could be a whole lot of things.

We need to get together some time. The First Coast Car Council puts on some pretty good Saturday night shows in different locations around Jacksonville every week. They were at Mike Shad Auto Nation last Saturday, and will be up in Fernandina Beach this Saturday. Are you going to Octobervette in Kissimme this weekend?

Okay, now I am full of questions. I am looking forward to seeing that car.
vacuum or mech

easy sport. the car is a work in progress(ie:it needs alot of work)
but I still have fun with it.My work takes me on the road often and so I get little time to do the thing I want.What is going on in Kissimmee?

I have been working 6/12 for the last couple of weeks but am now on 10's.maybe we can get together this saturday night?
We have been on and off planning for the OctoberVette show in Kissimmee this weekend. It will be in the Olde Town area just South of Disney (about 3 hours from Jax).

I will just send you a direct e-mail.
vacuum or mech

didn't mean to come across the wrong way,,sorry:eek
what i ment was that the car still needs a lot of work to get back in shape:eyerole

i look forward to meeting you guys sometime and your advise is cherished.

this satursay i am working but maybe next saturday,,ok?:upthumbs
Make sure you have enough air getting to the carb. Take off the air cleaner as a test and see if the problem goes away. I had a similar problem and going to a 4" K&N with the filter top solved it.
vac or mech

tried running it without the breather assembly with no change.I
plan to change to a larger fuel pump and a 700/750cfm carb.

My cam is rather large for street,,510/520 lift hyd roller cam from
COMP CAMS model XR282HR-10.

maybe the timing is off?

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