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OK, dumb question, but, does anyone know if the Passenger side Lighted Vanity Mirror on a 1980 Vette was standard equipment?

My 80 has one, and it looks like a $9.99 special from K-mart, but it is wired into the car like it belongs. Needless to say, it is broken, and I just saw in one of the catalogs that they want about $100 for a replacement unit. :puke

I just want to know if it belongs or not before I shell out that kind of money for such a cheap unit.

Steve :w
My 82 has a pass. vanity visor. I assume it was a factory standard feature. The unit isn't working and I agree that the prices for replacements are ridiculous so I'll probably go in and fix the unit. If you find an inexpensive source, let us know.
Guys.... so does my '81. However..... you may find it is simply the little, itty, bitty button switch that is the culpret. I opened mine up, removed the switch (forget about looking for a replacement) and rewired it to the glove box switch. (PS.... she's going to be fiddling around in the glove box for something anyway). That way there's no way she'll accidentally leave the switch on and the original mirror is still there.

............ Nut
Ok, a little more detail is in order.

The problem with my mirror is that the plastic cover that actuates the switch is broken at the hinge. So currently I have to keep a rubber band over the cover to keep it closed so the light stays off. So far I can't imagine how to repair that cheap plastic hinge, so either I put a visor on with no mirror, or disconnect the wires to keep the light off.

Nut, that is a good idea though, perhaps I'll try and wire the power to the glove box light and remove the broken mirror cover.

I'll have to look at it later.

Steve :w
What catalog did you see this mirror in?
I need one too someone had cut and pasted mine.
Cover:eek I don't have no stinkin cover:mad

I been robbed Let me check the build sheet to see if it came with that option.:L

Agh! Who needs a it anyway.;)
Tom, I can't remember which catalog, I'll check when I get home tonight. :(

Carlo, As far as the option goes, that is my question. I have the tank sticker, and it doesn't say anything about the mirror, and I don't know if it was standard, optional, or aftermarket. :confused

Also, the cover is what actuates the pin switch. When you lift the cover, it lights up. Unfortunately on mine, the hinge directly above the switch (on the cover) is broken, so the light never goes off (unless of course I disconnect the power, which I've done). ;)

Steve :w
I think it safe to say it was standard issue. You know how us vette drivers always want our hair to look good:L :L :L
according to the resto package I got
Air conditioning, cornering lights, power windws,Tilt Telescopic steering wheel,Dual remote control sport mirrors,Convenience group (includes Time delay dome and courtesy lights, headlight warning buzzer, underhood light, low fuel warning light, color-keyed floor mats,interminttent windshield wipers and a PASSENGER-SIDE ILLUMINATED VISOR VANITY MORROR.)
finding a vanity mirror

good luck in your search for a new mirror.i have been through all the vette catalogs and could not find this mirror anywhere.a 2 day search at carlisle last year turned up nothing also.i work for GM parts dept. and did a natl dealer search with the discontinued part#-no luck.by the way,my cover is missing too and i think it will stay that way.:cry
I never thought to remove the cover, duh! :hb

Anyway, the catalog was the new Riks Vette Catalog, right inside the front cover. They plan on having original GM unit in late spring, black only, and price to be advised. They also have a reproduction unit for about $129.95 I think (all colors). :(


Steve :w
thanks steve-i just ordered my catalog-i know what tell my girlfreind what i want fo my birthday now;)
I just ordered one from them they said that they have a used one and a new one the used one is going for 100.00
the new one for 175.00
Yeah, mine was messed up too. My problem was the little switch which I tried to fix. It has a little spring in it that needed to be adjusted. Anyway, in order to get to the frkin spring you had to open up that little plastic circle switch, which is not easy. Then to affix the "repaired" switch back to the plate, I tried crazy glue...which of course got everywhere and somehow managed to make everything stick that wasn't supposed. Nevertheless, I ended up taking it out, and trying to fix it somehow, as I cannot see spending $100 for a vanity mirror when it's just a simple little switch!

NUT - that's a good idea, I might end up doing that myself!

- Jeremy
Mine too is messed up and I thought they were joking when they were asking for 100 for a damn vanity mirror. Mine is missing everything but the visor it self, someone cut out all the other stuff for some reason. I dont think I want to spend 100 bucks on a new one so how much is just a normal one?
Anyone want to sell their broken vanity mirror? All i need is the switch, or does anyone know where i can get the switch?
welcome back CS, good to have you here.
update, I found a new one on Ebay a while ago for $50.00
kinda cheap looking, I wonder if there is some way to use a new model visor or mirror?????
Thanks SILVER 80

I am not exactly back but i am glad that i was missed.

i have tried to find the mercury switch for the visor light with no luck. there has to be a suitable substitue fotr it.

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