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VATS Problem - Help



My son has an 87 that acted like it had a vats problem. He had the key checked and bought the bypass from Mid America. Still won't start. Everything comes on normally, lights, etc. but when you try to start it, it does nothing and the security light comes on.
Any ideas?? Thanks for any help.
Bob, I've been fighting that problem for years, and haven't found the solution yet. I wish I could help, but all I can say is good luck, and if you discover anything new , be sure to let us know.

Do a search on this subject; it's come up quite a few times in the past. ;)

_ken :w
Broken wire//??

HI there,
You may have a broken wire within the column.
One thing that you may try is to while you are turning the key, pull the key back towards the back of the car, while turning the lock cylinder.
This may contact the points, and get your car to run.
Otherwise, a good tech could find out in about an hour what the problem is with our special VATS tool, the Interogator.
Let us know how you do, c4c5
Nice to have you posting again Paul!

Wouldn't an aftermarket VAT's bypass kit cure this?

Being a C4 owner, I have done as much research as possible. (in fear it might get me) It sounds very much like the VAT's bypass is less of a cure than compounding the problem.

Hey Bob, are you sure it's a VAT's thing, and not a clutch start switch?


Thanks for all the replies guys and gals. Still have'nt found the problem, will post what I find. Could be anything, I guess, maybe not vats at all???? Already did the bypass kit, that did'nt work. Checked all the wiring at the column, everything seems ok.
Going to check the starter disable relay next, and the starter itself.
If you can get a scanner check for codes, code 46 is vats. If you don't have a scanner dig out a volt-ohm meter and check the wiring for shorts. Disconnect the vats decoder module, brown & yellow wires should be the same resistance as your original key in the ign switch. The blue wire goes to the ecm injectors signal, check for short. Dk green goes to starter enable relay, check for short.
Disconnect all modules,relays,ecm when checking for short. Make sure ign switch & key are connected when checking resistance.
You will probably find the decoder module is not working right or has gone bad.

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