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[VIDEO] Highway run demonstrating STS baffle noise



Here's a short video I made earlier this month on the way to the drag strip, I held the camera close to my fat head and had both windows open. I made this to demonstrate the noise level inside the car when running sidepipes and STS baffles. As you can tell from the video the sound level is not bad at all and is rather quiet at cruising speeds, the police won't even give you a second look and you can even hear your stereo. It's in Quicktime format, 18 seconds and is 1.5mb.

Highway Run

True Duals

For that sound on my 80 I would turn up the radio if needed


warren s said:
Very nice, quite enough to talk over, loud enough to know.

Exactly. Some people were concerned the baffles are too loud, this shows that at a steady speed on the highway they are not bad even for long distance. Around town they are loud enough to get peoples attention but not draw the attention of the police who are looking to harass you about loud exhaust.

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