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vortec heads and ?? cam



A buddie of mine has a 78 L48 with auto trans
He's going to install vortec head and change the cam. Are thinking of a comp EX 262 .How will this work with the Auto trans??
I'm running a comp ex268 in a 327-4spd 3.55 gears and I think thats a bit much for a auto.but it's a smaller engine.

All sugestions are appreciated.
I ran my 79 with a 68 327+030 and a crane hmv272 cam 355rears and an auto trans the heads were 186fulies same size combustion chamber as the vortec with flattop pistons and ran pump gas.No problems other than a heavy foot.

He may want to check hood clearance as his '78 intake will not bolt to the Vortec heads. They have a different bolt angle and arrangment. He will need an Edelbrock Vortec intake or a GM one if they offer a carb model.

Ebelbrock makes an intake that they say will clear, a performer(not rpm) anyone have experiance with the Ex262 cam.
It also has 3.08 gears.
Vortec heads/cam combo

I've been running Vortec heads on my 1979 for quite awhile now. Although my combos is a little more agressive than your buddies, and I've got more reaerend/transmission gear, your proposed cam should be fine. (You need to carefully double check all the valve/retainer/spring clearances on the Vortecs when valve lift begins to approach or exceed .480". Trust me I've invested a lot of time into researching and measuring).
My combination runs great and makes good power down to 2000-2500 rpms.
The Performer intake (specific application for Vortec heads) should clear the hood fine. The Perfomer RPM would be iffy??

My combination: 1976 350 shortblock, Vortec heads w/aftermarket springs, Performer intake w/Holley 650, Comp Cams 280H magnum cam, (3.70 rear gears, Richmond 6 speed tranny). Craig
Re: Vortec heads/cam combo

Craig1979 said:
(3.70 rear gears, Richmond 6 speed tranny). Craig [/B]
How is 1st gear with that combo?? and cruise rpms in 6th?
I have thought about a richmond 5 spd and 3.08 gears.(but the cost is making it hard for me to justify)
Richmond 6 speed

Tranny works great! I must admit they are pricey. With the 3.70 rearend and 50 series 15" tires, I was looking for a manual transmission that would give me an overdrive option. But it had to be a durable heavy duty unit able to withstand the 350 engine output (that eliminated the GM T-5). The Tremec 5 speed for GM cars had not yet been released, and the Richmond 5 speed had no overdrive, so that pretty much left only the 6 speed model. When I ordered up the tranny I took into account my rear gear ratio and ordered the model with a 3.00 first gear reduction (rather than the standard 3.27). That ratio in conjunction with the 3.70 rear gives the car outstanding dead stop acceleration without the necessity to immediately shift to a higher gear. And the 6th gear overdrive is so sweet. The rpms at 60-65 mph dropped from around 2800-2900 down to about 1800. Makes the car much more confortable to drive, especially at the freeways speeds people travel today. Excellent acceleration, low freeway rpms, and 6 gears to play with - life is good.
With your 3.08 rear, you may already be happy with your freeway cruise rpms, the additional gear of the Richmond 5 speed will centainly improve the seat-of-your-pants acceleration factor. Analysis the 5 speed gear rations Richmond offers, and pick the one that best fits your rear gear and driving style/preferance. Craig.
Thanks for the info. I was wondering if you'd have to shift midway across the intersection. The combo makes sounds like fun :) The best of both worlds . I'm running 3.55s now. but if I change to the 5 spd ,I would go to 3.08 which would drop hwy rpms by 350.

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