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was cold start part source, now have a part number



Source for Cold Start module for '82

Hi all,

I'm posting this for my father who has an '82 w/ZZ4 that is acting up. It's at his mechanic who has told him that it's the cold start module. They are having a hard time finding a replacement. Anyone know of a source for these things?



PS He couldn't remember if "cold start module" was what the mechanic called it, so if there's not one is there something similar? I wish I had the Chilton here in TX instead of it being in FL with him.
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Damn, nobody responded to you yet?

I'm sorry I can't help you with the parts hunt or a diagnosis Steve, but do you mean the cold start "injector"? I found this in a second from Autozone, check it out: Fuel Injector Cold Start Valve.

Hope it helps your dad. :upthumbs
Questions please

Hi there,
Are you using the stock cross fire setup on this engine????
Are you using a L98 tuned port??
please let us know, as the L98 has a cold start injector.
Best toyou, c4c5
little more info

Thanks all,

He's using the stock crossfire injection not tuned port. I'm sorrry don't have more info for you all. Maybe I need to get down to a book store to double check what the mechanic is saying is the problem. My father believes it's an electric circuit/module, but again, when he spoke to me on the phone couldn't remember the name for sure. The car will turn over all day long but doesn't even try to start.
Thanks again for any help,

No cold start injector here

Hi there,
Well, you dont have a cold start injector, however, you can look to see if your injectors are firing, by looking in the throttle bodies while your father cranks over the engine.
Dont look directly into the throttle body, just look at it from where you are standing, you will see them spray into the center of the bores.
Let us know what you have, c4c5

My dad is in FL and I am in TX, so that test will be difficult. The car is at his mechanic who is actually one of the good ones (read competent and honest), so diagnosis isn't the problem. The main problem is that my father can't remember the name of the part the mechanic told him was bad. The mechanic is having problems finding a replacement part and my dad wanted me to check the internet to see if I could find a source. I guess I'll just tell him to call the mechanic and write the name of the part down and maybe the Delco PN. It's a shame I used to be in the parts business and had a full set of delco parts catalogs, but when I last moved I didn't bother moving the catalogs.
Thanks again, I'll recheck when I have more info.

Hi all,

My father only has one name for the part, "cold start module," but now I have the part number from the part and I'm hoping some of you can tell me the real name of the part as well as a possible source for them.
Delco part # 12020423
Please give me some more info on this part since I'm in another state than my father and his car and his baby is in a coma until we find a fix.

You an goto www.acdelco.com and search by part numbers usually, but the number you supplied does not return any results on their website.

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