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weatherstrip conditioning



What products does everyone use to keep their weatherstripping supple? Is there a common household item that will work equally well? Is there an easily found product in local parts houses? I don't want to order a small item like this from a catalog and pay half again its' cost in shipping.
The Substation Gang

Have hubby check with the Substation crews, they probably have little tubes of silicone they get with new transformers to use on the gasgets.. there are usually lots of extra little tubes laying around their shop or trucks :D

I'll have hubby check at work

Thanks guys. We took the t-tops off tonight to let the weatherstripping have a 'rest' from its clamped down position and I wanted to know what I should treat them with.
I may drive with them off tomorrow. D*mn the windblown hair!
I can't believe we caught Ken in a misspell! ;) Must have been typing fast! :L
Silicone Grease?

Is this what you're referring to, Ken? I've seen it in the catalogs, but can't seem to find it locally. Can find the spray, but not the grease.

72 Bluz
This is the stuff I got when I re-did my weatherstripping and interior earlier this year.



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