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What are the Typical Problems?


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Dec 5, 2001
Cross Roads, Texas, U.S.
'89 dk red coupe
I'm new here, so please bear with me if this question has already been asked a hundred times:
What should I look out for, what are the "typical" problems with a '90 model ZR-1?
There's one for sale near me for a very good price (I think): $20K for 42k miles, "average" overall condition - not a show car.
What are the weaknesses, other than, say, excessive rear tire wear? :)
Anything costly likely to happen around that mileage?
Thanks in advance, and call me if you've got exhaust questions;
- Redbob

Gordy is right. Before you buy a ZR-1, learn as much as you can from www.zr1.net. There is a lot of other good information there in addition to the "Buying a Used ZR-1" section.

The LT-5 is a great motor and very reliable, but it is quite a bit more complicated than a basic small block chevy. The web site will give you more details.

Thanks for the tips. I'm not completely ignorant of the ZR-1, and its' LT-5 motor. My first drive of a ZR-1 back in 1990 is what convinced me to abandon Mustangs and buy a Corvette in the first place!
At that time, my company was doing quite a bit of exhaust system work for GM, and we had several ZR-1's to work on. We developed a "dual-mode" muffler, with butterfly valves that opened above 4000 RPM, but the cost was too much for Chevy. We also developed the ZR-1 "export" exhaust system, the design for which GM's exhaust engineer handed over to our competitor (Arvin) so they could produce it! I never trusted Mr. Varga again.
Then we designed the system for the C5, and got the business away from Arvin.
Although I bought an '89, I've always yearned for a ZR-1, and now I've found one that might be right for me.
Redbob, good luck on the ZR-1. Interesting story on the exhaust too. Keep us posted.


Definitely keep us posted on your ZR-1 search and let us know how it goes.
Hello Rebob, I really can't help you with your question, but your exhaust story once again piqued my interest into exhaust control. I always found this area quite interesting, so if you could, would you post a thread in the Off-road lounge? Thanks. --Bullitt

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