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What is a 99 hardtop worth?

Sting Ray

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Feb 8, 2001
Upstate NY
1967 Red Convertible
How much is a 99 hardtop worth with 10,000 miles? Someone offered me one for my car which is worth about $35000, is this a good deal?

Thanks Tom
I would say between $35,000-$40,000 would be the average retail price with 10K miles. I could be wrong. Let's see what others say.
...just an opinion...

Perhaps right now, the value of both vehicles are even. However, the 66 will continue to gain value, while the 99 may depreciate considerably before it will begin to climb in value. I also feel the difference between initial cost and future value, the 66 is the best vehicle for investment.

Used car

The 99 hardtop is worth $42,575.

The 99 coupe is worth $39,125.

Re: Used car

GreyGhost said:
The 99 hardtop is worth $42,575.

The 99 coupe is worth $39,125.


I would have thought the Coupe would be worth more than the Hardtop. Goes to show what I know huh?

I was looking at a '98 hardtop last year and the dealership wanted 40,000 for it. They had a fully loaded, 2000 6 speed coupe next to it for 42,000. I have yet to figure that one out.:confused

About 6 months ago, Rogers Corvette in Orlando sold a '99 Pewter on Black leather hardtop for $34,900. The car only had 4K on the ticker. That is the cheapest price I've seen yet from a dealer........usually some of the prices are like those mentioned above.

'99 Hardtop

A local Chevy dealer has a '99 black, 6-speed, hardtop for $33,000. I looked at it Sunday eve with nobody around so I don't know the mileage.

This is a little late to post, however the value of a coupe is about $5000-$7000 more than a hardtop for a 99 with 10000 miles. I am not quite sure where you got your numbers, but check out the blue book prices or your local dealers. These are Bay Area California numbers.

99 Coupe retail value (w/most options) $46,400
99 FRC retail value (w/most options) $39,000

99 Coupe trade value (w/most options) $39,000
99 FRC trade value (w/most options) $34,000

There's a 99 FRC here In oceanside at a dealer for 30k w/25k miles :W:

Sounds like a good price. The ones I quoted were dealer numbers based on the cars being in perfect condition with all the options I could add. So they were probably on the high side. My intent was to show that the value of a coupe is usually quite a bit more than a hardtop. However 30k for a hardtop sounds like a very good price from what I have seen. Particulary with only 25k miles, if nothing is wrong with it.

Hardtop vs. Coupe value

Hardtop worth more than the Coupe?? Hmm the Coupe baseprice is higher due to more options so I'd emagine it was still worth more. My stepfather is in the market for a Hardtop and has found them in the low 30s but most coupes are going for 35 and up...
99 hardtop value

Very late on this topic but just drove a 99 hardtop 6 sp Nassau Blue and it had 41.3k miles at a local, let's say speciality dealer. The vin ended in 112665 and checked out as far as type of car, etc. They were asking $34,450 which seemed only a little high, mostly because the interior had some significant wear and a few cosmetic issues. It drove nice for 5 miles or so, mostly interested in a new coupe but didn't seem too bad if it would check out with maintenance records which they said they had some and would call later. Checked the VIN on the net but don't know much about that and only got that there were two 'reports' but didn't figure how to pull them up. Plan to drive it one more time since it is close to home and still don't know if one will clear the dip and go up my driveway, will take a sharp angle I'm sure.

Basic question I had after viewing was interior wear on that new a vehicle, would a quarter size wear hole through the black leather color but not all the way through the material backing be common in 41k miles or unusual? Any comments appreciated.
Hardtops had lower production amounts then the coupe or vert' that is why they are expensive. They were faster and lighter.
The hartop was aimed towards the "corvette purists."
This was the original ZO6, which has 405 HP for 02', up from 385 in 01'.

Re: 99 value and wear

Thanks for the input. Still looking.

Stopped and talked to a fellow Volleyball player about his 99 coupe and he had it since last Jan. with 42k when bought and 47k miles now and the interior was clean, very big difference from the HT I drove. Guess the owner was really hard on that car, at least the interior.

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