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what mufflers?



Has anyone put the KBD Targa mufflers on their 78-82? If so how do they sound? where there any performance gains? If anyone has an audio clip I would love to hear it. I was also thinkin of the super turbos, I had a pair on my chevelle before I put glass packs on it (I hated them after 3 months). I read in Ecklers where corvette customers say the KBD's make your vette sound like a vette is that so? Thanks guys you are a real wealth of knowlege.

I have FlowMasters on my car with Mid-America true dual exhaust pipes.It has that rumble a corvette should have at idle and that real raspy sound when you get on it.At cruising speed it is very acceptable.MY 2 cents.:Roll
I have recently installed those KBD mufflers on my stock 81 4spd (no cat). They have a unique sound, kinda higher pitched than perhaps the flowmasters, yet at idle they are relatively mild and at steady cruise they calm down(good for sneaking by the guy with the bubble on his roof) but get up a good rumble when agrivaited. As far as performance, well at least it sounds faster, can't say for sure if it runs better(no cat did that for sure).

Let us know what you decided and how you like em'
I installed the KBD targas about 2 months ago and like em. I'm running a stock 82 so performance wasn't an issue. They have a gutsy tone without being too loud and even out well in the 1800-2000 RPM range. Appearance is a plus also and you can't beat the price.
My .02;)

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