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what the !!!!!!!



i went to shut my rear hatch...then all of the sudden my horns start honkin and wont stop..WHY!!!!!!!!

after disconecting my horns ..my guage panel is now so dim i cant read it...WHY!!!! ...there is two loose wires in my fuse box, one red..one green..where do these things plug in anyway?

any help would be greatly appreciated.
You probably set off the alarm! it will shut off after a couple of min. The wires may be Cell phone, stereo or Cb power by a previous owner
stick your key in the driver's door and unlock it. The horns should stop. I'm betting you shut and locked your doors before you closed the rear hatch. Something you did triggered the alarm.

learned that lesson already :D after going WTF???? unlocked the drivers door and presto :upthumbs

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