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Where Is The Rpo Label?



Where is the RPO Code Label located on my 1984 Corvette? My information says its under the Rear Floor Panel Compartment. I can't seem to find it. Under the lid on the passenger side is the jacking instructions; nothing under the lid on the driver's side. Can anyone help?

Thanks for the reply, Ken. Close, but no cigar. Chev moved it in '86 when the convertible model was introduced to inside the console. '84-85 C4 was supposed to be in the back somewhere.

Might be able to help........

Check behind the driver seat on the underside of the compartment lid. This is where it was located on my '85....

Jay, we're not being of too much help here; he looked behind the driver's seat already. :L
I'm assuming the previous owner must have removed it, but thanks to everyone for trying to help!
1987 Z51 said:
Jay, we're not being of too much help here; he looked behind the driver's seat already. :L

I'm not exactly sure what I was reading Ken:L
Sorry RLN8546....I somehow missed your entire 1st sentence:L:L

I don't know the site offhand, but one details the RPO location for the 1984 corvette with pictures. Only in 1984, the RPO was located in two places--on top of the fuel tank and up front in between the chassis structure. I just bought my vette and haven't had a chance to look for the RPO yet.

Good luck.
Turismo, I think you are referring to the "build sheet", RLN8546 is referring to the label with the options codes that is usually found in the inside of the console or rear storage compartment lids. ;)

For what it's worth:
On my '84 the RPO code decal sheet IS underneath the driver's side storage compartment lid. Your's must've been removed for whatever reason...Bummer!
This is one of my pet peaves over the years..........GM didnt put them in all the 84's......according to the owners manual,the Service Parts Identification Label was supposed to be on the inner console lid but instead this is where the jacking instructions ended up.....but then u cant put the label where something already is right? so they didnt...One dealer told me it was put in the original owners manual instead........but now weather its because they didnt put one on your car since it was an early one.....it was in the original manual.....or someone removed it is the question........stinks doesnt it!??

Keep in mind U can get the RPO info from the NCM with your VIN# ......It should take no time at all to "make" a new one on your computer with a standard one as a model
On my 87 someone had removed it as well. I found the original on the gas tank. I removed the spare and reached up behind the tank and got most of it off. It was in pieces however. I ordered a new one from the Corvette Museum.. along with window sticker.
This corvette stuff is all new to me. I assume NCM means "National Corvette Museum"? Is there a website where I can get the info simply by entering my VIN#? Thanks to all for all of your replies.

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