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Where Oh Where Has My PCV Gone?...



Oh Where Oh Where Can It Be.......Kind of embarrassing really!

Have '95 LT1. Owned since last Aug. I've worked on GM's for years, but for the life of me I can not locate my PCV to change it out.

My Chiltons does not show the location on this model. 2 at the rear on the ZR, yep! It's right there in the valve cover of a C3, right where I remember it. Where's mine?! I found a tube running from the pass. side valve cover, into the intake, but....no, not there. Where is the little guy hiding?

Ted Valley......and I guess, LT1 novice!
I do believe you have found it. It's in the passenger/left side rocker arm cover. It's plugged into it on that hose you were looking at. That's where mine is and that is what the Haynes says it is supposed to be. Pop that hose out of the rocker cover and you'll see the PCV.
Yep, under the left plastic fuel rail cover you will find a goofy rubber hose shaped like a U that comes out of the intake, then turns right back into it between the two front and two rear side intectors. The PVC valve is set right into the intake manifold.

The hose on the passenger side is for postive breathing of the engine vapors out of the cover and back through the intake to keep them out of the atmosphere (at least in the unburned form).
Thank you fellas,

I found it. Weird location. Seems like it would have been less costly to place it in the hose running from the pass. side valve cover, as it enters the intake plenum.

Oh Well.

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