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Wheres the drain plug on the rearend of a 79


Don Losson

I have a 79 that I want to change the rearend grease in but have looked at manuals and the rearend and can not find a drain plug. Is there one?

Read the answer on my post, where you first put your question. You won't like the answer though.

Frederic is RIGHT this is PITA

stingrayl82 said:
There is a drain plug......it's also the fill plug.....way to go Chevy on that one. It's a pain in the butt to change the fluid, and what I've done is pump it out with a vacuum pump. I recommend using 2 tubes of BG additive to your rear end, if you have any chatter. I did, and the noise literally went away after driving a half a block. The regular GM diff additive just doesn't seem to do the job for mine.

If you look in from the passagers side wheel well on the back you will see the plug. It is rather awkwardly installed in the upper half of the pumpkin. It is PITA to get to but well worth the effort. I use a Turkey baster to draw out the old fluid. Use a little plastic hose to get it all. Then reverse the process to put the new back in. The GM part # are:
  1. Lube = GM 1052271 / 1052272
  2. Posi-Additive = GM 1052358

Or I had the local Chevrolet garage do it before and they charged me $24.95 (after I showed them where the plug was :eyerole)

Good news! I saw a GM rearend drain plug kit. I think it was in Jeg's, I'll check tonight. The kit supplies you with a drill bit w/ stop collar, a tap, an allen head screw, and a template for where to drill. It can be done without removing anything though I imagine you would get gear oil on your drill. From then on to drain the fluid you just r&r the grub screw and then fill though the factory plug.
... and I'll post it here for everyone else! Look for it after 8PM PDT.
I knew I saw it somewhere. It is in my Eckler's catalog. It is on page 152 of #3110, but it's listed as being for '84-'96. I don't see why this wouldn't work for any rearend but who knows? It is part #37626 and sells for 69.95.

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