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White Knight



Iknow there's a lot of "white corvettes out there ...i have seen the black corvettes named black sheep so............I can up with a name for the "white" corvettes.....tell me what you think of "white knight" and if ya'll like this let's see some art for a club tee-shirt
I do beleve that on the other forum white Corvettes are "Polar Bears". I like "White Knight" or "Ghost Rider's" much better. My '78 was white, and I always considered her a "Great White". That would only work for sharks though...:)

POLAR BEARS...what kinda name is that for a white corvette...where's this forum at .. i think they need help
I agree they need help, although I'm fond of bears. Bears don't fit the Corvette image. :) White Knight or Ghost Riders both sound good, and I don't even own a white Corvette anymore. Hummm guess that will have to be the next purchase.;) Although I think hubby has his heart set on Millenium Yellow.:W:
Ghost Riders gets my vote! Polar Bears ought to be in AK, Ghost Riders could be anywhere.
You're right there! Welcome to CACC, hope you enjoy our site. Where is Charlotte, Tx? I'm about 15 miles north of Beaumont, in Lumberton. If you're ever in the area give me a call.:W:
This is getting silly. Let's start a club for dirt brown vettes with mauve interiors.
How about Albino Sharks or the Albino Vette registry.
:W: Save the wave

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