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Sep 16, 2000
New Hampshire
1990 Corvette ZR-1
What do you use to clean the glass surfaces on your Corvettes? What products have you found that work well or not so well?
We use Stoner's Invisible Glass on all our cars' glass, plus windows, mirrors, etc. in our house! Nothing like it! I've found that the best wiping cloth to use with Invisible Glass is a micro fiber towel. Keep turning it so you keep the towel sort of dry. That prevents streaks and smudges.

As an aside, we love Stoner's More Shine, Less Time for tires. It's true to its name...more shine in less time!

Lemon Peel and Hubby
aka Elaine and Alan

To get that extra, clean - super shine, I wet the glass with regular Glass Plus, and buff it with a fine grade of steel wool, and repeat with Glass Plus. Then apply a coat of Rain-x with paper towels.:cool :cool :cool :cool
I use General Motors Glass Cleaner #1050427. Works great!
Also worked great on my targa top when I had it.

Ya know? I was thinking that this subject must be as old as glass itself, and it will remain a valid question as long as we continue to use glass. :L

_ken :w
I use a product called "Clean As A Whistle" ......got it from a local truck stop. Cost 85 cents for a large spray can....enough for about 7 wash jobs. It doesn't streak, leave residue, or otherwise dork up the glass. And it has very pleasant lemon scent..... :) Used in conjunction with the local Sunday Times....viola, nice shiny windows every time!

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