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Windsheild wipers



Does anyone know if you can hot wire the wipers on 1968 vette.

I can not get them to work, I think there is a problem with the electrical harness.

I would like to hot wire it to determine if the wiper motor is still good.
Check to make sure that the ground is making good contact. If you look close you will see that when the wiper door comes full open it has a contact point to ground the motor. If it is not grounding right it won't run.

You can just pull open the wiper door and jumper the ground to the frame or block and see if that won't do the trick.
the switch has to be grounded to. i spent a couple of weeks off and on chasing this problem in mine. changed motor, switch, relay, everything still wouldn't work. turned out the bezel around the switch and gauges is the ground for the switch. which in turn is grounded through the mounting hardware. my bezel was cracked from the previous owner. replaced it and the wipers work fine. i found this by accident. i droped the switch while working on it and it sparked when hit the ac controll. i grounded the switch and presto wipers work. hope this helps robert
I've been hammering something in my brain, lately. Has anyone ever adapted a late model Corvette wiper system to a Shark? I like the delay feature. I know that I could get a delay switch from JC Whitney to splice into the old system, but I like pondering stuff that may not be practical. :L Besides, where would be a conveninet place to mount that switch? There would be the problem of installing the wiper stalk into the column, but I like to be able to flip on the wipers and adjust them easily with little time off the steering wheel. --Bullitt

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