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Windshield washer hose routing w/AC



I need some pictures(since that seems to be the only thing I can understand) of the windshield washer hose routing with AC, on a 69. Specifically, I need to see the routing of the hoses coming off of the pump and the diferance of the pump between windshield washer only and windshield/headlight washers. I have looked in the AIM's but I can't tell what goes where, and if I see where a particular hose goes, it doesn't look like the pump on this car. I am sure this is the correct pump, I just can't tell what is what. I will try the NCRS Board, but I have such trouble searching or posting there??????????Thanks........Steve
Washer pump difference

I have a '71 Vette, but I don't know if the routing is the same. Chevrolet made a 3-nozzle and a 5-nozzle pump. The 5-nozzle has been discontinued for some time now. If you got one, count yourself lucky. I saw some outrageous prices at the last Vette show I attended.--Bullitt
It is a 3 nozzle, but the AIMs show the hose coming from the resivoir to the large nozzle on the left side of the pump, and the hose in the middle of the "3 nozzle" to the wipers with a T. This would leave 2 nozzle with no place to go??????:confused ............Steve
I just consulted my Vette Vues book. On pg.104, the lower caption says that the 5-nozzle pump was unique to 1970 and later models. It also says,"The 1969 pump had three ports."Hope I'm not confusing you too much.--Bullitt
Washer pump

Having a night to think about your problem, this is my conclusion. The only nozzle that you have left must go to the headlight washers. The hose more than likely travels with the rest down the driver's side to the headlights. Remember to route it through the hole between the radiator support brace and the fender. As it reaches the headlamp washers, it must break off into another T-fitting to supply both of them with water. Since my headlamp washers are long gone, I gave each of my wiper washers their own nozzle. If you're doing a correct restoration, that's another matter. I'm sure one of you NCRS guys can help Steve out?--Bullitt
Bullitt, I think we are on the same track, but the picture in the AIM's don't show what we think(maybe it's wrong, can't be us). This car does not have headlight washers, I'm not saying that it never had, I'm just saying that it don't now. However, if I find out that the pump is for headlamp washers, it will have. Maybe somone out there who has the correct, working system will take a picture of it for me. I know they are out there...Heelllllppp...............Steve
AIMs manual

Take a guess what I'm doing now. I remember as a little kid, there were coloring books that had a page of worms or snakes overlapping each other. Your job was to color each snake, so that you could find out what each one was pointing to, with their tail. So now I'm sitting here with map pencils in my hand and my AIM's manual in front of me, turned to the vacuum hose pages. I feel like 5 years old again. Well, it worked all those years ago. Why not now? Thanks Steve, I think?

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