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Wiper delay



Hi everyone,My wiper delay does'nt work but all the speed's do.The motor is new cause the teeth on the gear were like mine,did'nt have any lol.I just thought I would ask before I started guessing what might be wrong.I think there is a relay in the compartment that hold's the jack? any idea's. thank's
:) Wooooooooooo Do I know Wipers :)

Just fought that battle, only I had none. Mine was a problem with a ground wire though. I'm willing to bet that theres something in your switch. I lucked out, theres a guy here that has a Corvette graveyard so I managed to get a new switch pretty cheap. If you cant find one for a reasonable price let me know. I think their something like $30.00 Brand new. I got a good used one for $15 and it worked for me. Let me know. Arcangel224@hotmail.com.
I agree, it's probably the switch. I ran my '86 like that for about a year. I wouldn't be surprised to find out that car came from the Pacific Northwest. We wear out the intermittent functions on those switches pretty quick because it is always on. :) If you are careful you may be able to replace it without removing the whole door panel. I was able to reconnect the wiring connector without removing anything but that center piece where the door lock is located. Not sure if you can get the whole switch off that way though but it's work a try.

Have fun.............

I might be able to help ya. I basically constructed a 1982 style delay system in my 69. Had to do much research along the way.

There are three primary items in that system.

1. Switch
2. Relay module
3. Motor.

You say yours runs on high and low speed, but no delay?

Okay, the good news is you can get a brand new wiper switch from NAPA for about $25 or less. It has a built in resitor that can fail over time. I would suggest you start by changing this. Hopefully it does the trick.

The module in the jack area takes a signal from the switch, and converts that signal through a timer that will turn on and off the power going to the wiper motor. The bad news is that unit is about $230! The good news is they are still available for your year model.

The C3 is significantly different than the C4. The C3 uses ground related signals to trigger action in the wiper motor. That is why it has to use that seperate module to use the ground signal and turn it into an on off switch.

In your case, if you had a bad ground the system would not work at all.

Good luck.
I love this site! Sorry I can't help with your problem, but you guys may have just helped me with mine.

The other day I was out test driving my 80 after overhauling the Rear, and when I tried the wipers, I got partial wipers then nothing. While playing with the switch while driving I heard a bunch of electrical switch type noises from behind me and couldn't figure out why. Now I know I need to look around back there to troubleshoot the Wipers. (I never would have thought to look back there for anything related to the wipers!) :dance

Steve :w
I have repaired various wiper modules. Basically there is a LM-555 timer chip that goes bad. Replace the chip and the delay works fine. Or I can supply you with a circuit that will replace the current system.

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