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Hey im a new member and i own a 77 corvette, i have recently rebuilt the motor, but now my wipers do not function. I was wondering if any body had any ideas or diagrams for the wiring layout. Also it gets very hot in the cockpit, seems like the heat from the engine is going straight into the cockpit any ideas on how to prevent that, it would be great if someone could help.

about the heat in the interior... I put a shotoff valve on my heater hose so that fixed that.. also you might put heat shield on the interior under the carpet...be sure if you put a shutoff valve on the heater hose that you make sure you open it in the winter or else you won't have heat
Ok cool thanks ill try that. This site is very good much better then the other ones out there.
Hi wipeout 48 welcome to CACC los of good Vette info here. Hey I know were Timmins is I lived in New Liskeard for 10 years. I hauled lots of Lumber+Board out of Mallet. Lots of nice igloos there in Timmins.:L I moved out here were I can drive my Vette year round instead of 4 months. Have fun learn lots.
Good advice from the WHITE ;) Cv owner CSCARLSON . Also check shifter boot, transmission foam, steering wheel shaft seal, hood seal.
Moving to side pipes made a major difference in the scars on my legs and the reduced cockpit heat....more and less.
Ok thanks for the info redmist and hey billagroom yeah there are alot of igloos here. im hoping to move up to barrie so at least i can drive the car for 6 months. hehehehe, i have recently bought side pipes which did bring down the heat in the cockpit.

Now if only somebody could tell me something about the wipers.

I don't know a thing about wipers, just that I wish 78 had time delay wipers!

Check that they are getting juice?...or do wipers work off vaccum? If they worked before the rebuild, it may be something as simple as checking vaccum lines.

Sounds like you'd benefit from a good Corvette manual for your year. Anyone have reccomendations? We use Chiltons and the 78 Assembly manual.

Well i fooled around with the wipers tonight, and i got them to go back into the park position instead of halfway up the window. And now when i try to turn them on the motor just clicks, sounds like its stuck or something. Hope someone ran into this problem before. Dont really wanna buy a new motor and it just does the same thing.


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