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Wipers Quit


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Jul 3, 2001
Auburndale, Florida
1969 Killer Shark
Nikki drove the 90 home today in the rain no problem. She took me up to the hardware store and bingo, no wipers. The fuse is good, and I can hear the motor make a clicking noise with the key on, wipers on while wiggling the main connector at the wiper motor.

Any thoughts?
RainX, hmmmmmmmm, at least it has a driver side air bag.

No, wiggling the wires does not make anything work, but I can hear something trying to engage when I disconnect then connect the main wire harness. I just jumpered a ground from the battery to the metal body on the wiper motor, and nothing.

So, it is either.

Bad motor,

Bad control module on the motor,

Bad switch.

I sure hope somebody else here has been there done it and maybe save me some trouble.
Mine's sitting on the workbench Chris, but it was working fine when I removed it, so I can't help ya. Sorry. ;)

_ken :w
If you want to test the switch all i would do is take my test light and up plug the motor and check for power and ground comming in if there is the switch is ok you can also test motor but i dont know off hand.
69MyWay said:
RainX, hmmmmmmmm, at least it has a driver side air bag.

Chris, I was just kidding actually:)
I've never taken one apart but from what you described it sounds like something could possibly be stripped inside

If you drive fast enough, you don't need wipers; air will push the water off the windshield. :s
What a crew:L :L I would remove wiper motor. It's not uncommon for the gear to strip. The problem should be quite obvious with the motor removed and you can fix it right once. Nothing more annoying than a bad wiper motor.
Don't forget to keep that rainx handy:cool
With some of the advice here, it is a really good thing she has an air bag :hb

It is looking like the problem is in the wiper unit. I guess if the gear is stripped, it won't "reset" to the proper position for the wiper to run. The only action I can get out of it is a slight clicking sound for a split second while the key is on, wiper switch on, and I disconnect and reconnect the main power lead into the unit.

When I was putting the 383 in my 85, I bumped the wiper motor with the flywheel and broke the outer plastic housing. They would not work right after that, so I got a new front section for the unit, but did not replace the actual motor.

I tried passing off the rainX idea to Nikki, she is not buying it unless I am driving the car.
Hey Chris, judging from all outward appearances, and from the description in the book, it doesn't seem to be that difficult a job to rebuild the motor. ;)

_ken :w
Had mine go!

It's the Motor, Just replace the whole thing like I did.Typically the switches/relays in the upper housing are at fault.. but it's a pain to try to repair.... break down, buy the assy and be done with it... I spent 4 hours trying to nurse mine...and when I needed it...it failed.


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