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Woohoo I Finally Got One!


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Aug 1, 2001
2003 Z06
To get an LT5 as your first Vette' must be one helluva experience. Jumped straight to The King.:BOW


Ling Yeah no chit on the blue light special. Gotta keep the rubber usage down til I get back, still has the original hard stuff Skaterbacks on them. I remember them from a Camaro 15 years ago, talk about drifting!

Thanks E! ROFL on the B&C! Just down to pick up the car then off to another family thing. Maybe some Perf tests with the bro.
Besides at 40, I wasted 20 years of quality corvette time!


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Jul 6, 2002
Essex, UK
1996 LT-4 Z51 CE
ZR1 fuel mileage

I'd imagine a ZR1 gets slightly better gas mileage than my Callaway Twin Turbo but here's the sort of mileage my computer shows when I've just filled up:

Over 350 miles if I want to drive with an egg on the throttle pedal.

100-150 miles if I want to have some fun!

Unfortunately a lot of my journeys start off with the best of intentions but I can't go 5 minutes without wanting that "pressed into the seat" feeling. If I don't hear the turbos whistle for a while I have to floor it to make sure they're still there.

If I had a ZR1 (nearly got one but bought the Callaway instead) I'd want to hear that amazing twin cam at 7000 rpm on every journey!



Thanks for the feed back.

One thing I have learned in life is you have to control yourself. Sure 7k w/325RWHP is certainly great, but time and a place.
Put yourself in my shoes.
Unknown car with unknown issues, original equipment tires (12+years old), low mileage car with minimum use for the past 5 years, 20 hour long drive, no backup, short stops (300miles on a tank of fuel??), and Holiday traffic. Not to mention Cops. I think that is going to be tough enough! At least the mental anquish part.

Better find some nice tunes to make me less stressed.

Can you believe me?? I'm fn scared about getting a vette!!

What a laugh. Maybe I just can wait to get in and have some fun!

BTW Malc*** its a quad cam:SLAP but it is DOHC!

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