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Would you choose to supercharge?


TPI Thomas

My 86 TPI.... I love it to death but I also love the whistle of a supercharger and the roar of the 350 as well. I am considering a supercharger kit from procharger. I selected procharger for their durability and the fact that their blowers need no oil/coolant lines. The kit they offer for my vette is @ 6psi and a 25-35% increase in power. Now I know I will have to adjust my fuel maps and retard the timing and all of that good stuff, but what do you guys think about the idea? is it worth the money? time? expense?


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I wouldn't blow it unless you built it. In other words, you need to be sure your bottom end is going to hold up. JMHO.

_ken :w


Very true Ken.

I was watching Tech TV the other week and they were talking about Nitrous Oxide. Basically telling everyone that if they want thier grocery getter to go faster, put NOS in it! My, what a simple solution! "All this time I thought I bought my minivan to go fast and I hear now it can go FASTER?!?"

If your rods, bearings and valve train cant handle the load, your motor will go "CRUNCH".
It may very well hold up for a while but sooner or later.... if you could make a little display that adds up the amount of repair cost as you drive, mounted on your dashboard somewhere..... nevermind.


I don't think so, I think it will handle the power. After all its not that much, figure 240hp + 25-35% increase wont be too much. And Procharger has these kits specifically designed for vettes so I think they know what they're doing.


I do!


I tell you what I do, maby you can come up with some nice ideas for yourself.

I do want to use a supercharger, this because of the whissle sound and the extra power! On the other hand, I alway wanted to do it. Using intercooled turbo systems is for the performance a much better choice! I concider using a bolton system of Procharger or Vortech, but learing more and more about supercharging and turbos, and all the difficulties, I dicided to build me a custom set.
First I have made my vette "breathable", by using a SuperRam and headers and faster heads. The next step was making my vette "adjustible" by using a totall adjustble EMC. The next step was choicing a supercharger (one with posibillities) and I choice was the whipple charger, because this one add power on all the rmp range. And not like the centrifugal chargers only at high-end. The whipplecharger is not a rootsblower! It looks like, but it is not. It is efficient and rootsblowers are not.
So I will add this setup, and boost 6 psi and with the Whipple charger, you do not need a intercooler or aftercooler till 0,5 bar of boost, wich is about 7 psi. This is the maximum of boost, for a stock engine, otherwise your engine might blowup!

When this setup works, and it will, I will build a new engine, special made for the supercharger and will run at max boost. The max boost is depending on Cid and rmp. example, a 350 at 6000 rmp, boost about 20 psi, but a 427cid at 6000 about 10psi.

If you do not want to have much trouble, I would buy a pro-chargerkit WITH intercoolers and run NO MORE than 6psi of boost.

look at velveteen:

If you only want to have more power, don't buy a supercharger, but buy a very good airintake (LPE SuperRam or Holly StealthRam) and a fast exhaust (B&B or Corsa and headers) and a fine set of heads (AFR or edelbrock).

Value for the money and streetable.

TPI Thomas

I was worried about blowing my motor but @ 6psi on an Iron block and head..... I really don’t "Hot Rod" around that much in fact my corvette has never seen above 4000 Rpm's (id like to keep the repair bills down, plus it only takes 2000 rpms to eat a mustang and 1500 for those Honda "rice rockets")

As for Nos I don’t know a quicker way to blow your motor. its essentially doing the same thing as turbocharging or supercharging but instead of 6 psi about 15-35psi. I hate it, its not safe and its never predictable, easy way to kill yourself and the car. ( but if you do it in a Honda/mini van and fly by my vette, ill be impressed.... until the oil comes out the pipe lol)

TPI Thomas

Johnny I realy like that paint job what colour is it?


I am so sorry, but I do not know the color. It is bright when the sun shines, and dark when it rains. Sometimes I think it lives....

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