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WTB chip for 89 6 speed


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Feb 24, 2001
Santa Monica CA
1989 Black Coupe 6 sp
Does anyone out ther have a Hypertech (or other) prom for an 89 6 speed Vette? I was told that the chip would turn on the main fan sooner, is that true?
How much are you looking to spend?
Do you just want the fans on sooner?
I don't want to spend a fortune. I've been told that the chip off the shelf really doesn't enhance power very much but that it does turn on the main fan sooner. I have a front fan switch in already but here in So. Cal. we drive a lot of bumper to bumper and heat is always a problem. So I thought if the chip would offer a little more peace of mind that would be great. I am aware that there are some other ways to control the main fan but the chip seemed to be the simplest (and if I do get a small power boost all the better).
I got an email saying Jeff has sent me something. I do not see where it is.
if you are having cooling issues you may want to pull the radiator and clean the years of debris that has accumulated between the a/c condensor and the radiator.

Alot of junk gets there cloging air flow. The C4 gets all of its intake air & cooling air from under the cars nose.

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