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You knew I had to be the first, eh?


Gone but not forgotten
Jan 30, 2001
Hermosa Beach, CA
1987 Z51 Silver Coupe
We can't let this place sit idle now can we?

This one is really cool:

Ken :w
Nice! I'll have to take some pictures of my collection and post them in here at some point. :)
Let's show you more...


It's too bad you can't see the detail, especially on the '55. Even the hood hinges are detailed, with real springs nonetheless! Both of them are nicly detailed on the undercarriage as well. These are a couple of examples of the Danbury Mint models (Their site is still under construction, or I'd provide you with a link. :eyerole)

Nice cars!

Great cars you have there Ken!

I suppose I should dust off our collection and post a picture to. :)


Who snuck in this forum without telling me? It's going to be fun to see what everybody has.

Since you're all here

I started collecting 1/43rd scale corvettes about a year ago. The damned things are multiplying like rabbits. How do you display them? Shelves, cabinets, or (like me) on top of everything from desktops and PCs to speakers and old shoeboxes....
And what's a clear sign that you're adicted? You recently mortgaged your house for that new Maisto?
Great, now I have to go and buy a freakin digital camera! My wife is gonna kill you guys. :J
I saw somewhere in a post or two that someone from our community is still building models. I can't remember who it was now (and I don't feel like searching right now either ;)) or whether or not they were building from scratch or from kits.

I went to a hobby store a while back and was amazed at what was available. They have everyhting you could want to build your version of the coolest car in the world, engines, bodys, wheels/tires, all kinds of stuff. Nostalgia certainly is hot with us "Baby-Boomers" eh? :D

1987 Z51 said:
I saw somewhere in a post or two that someone from our community is still building models. I can't remember who it was...

I actually have a couple in various stages around the house. I started one of them, a red 75 convertible, about 6 years ago :s. I think I'll probably have the real one finished before I finish the models. The other one is a mid-year that I started before I got married (13+ yrs ago) and I haven't seen it since I moved into theis house (2.5 yrs); I'm thinking maybe my wife got sick of it sitting around.
Very nice

Hey now there,s some nice die cast, i thought i was the only diecast nut left ,my ole ladys starting to wonder with my being on e-bay all the time buying more and more,i,ll search for my camera also.;)
We have so many models in our house that the walls are full, the shelves are full! There are boxes piled up in our bedroom, the UPS guy seems to know our first names! We have a storage building that is almost full of models also! My husband is also buying more all the time. I got an email last night from a friend that a shipment is on the way!;) Although I have to admit that I'm almost as bad as he is! I have to check with him before I buy one now, because we have so many that I'm not sure if we have it or not, and I'm never sure what he has on order!:eyerole Our home decoration is early american (comfortable), animals, and CORVETTE!:w
Her 92 said:
...because we have so many that I'm not sure if we have it or not

Isn't there a point of diminishing enjoyment if you don't even know what you have? It could get to the point of collecting just for the sake of collecting. :(

I don't know, I enjoy looking at them! I do have my favorites though, I have to admit.;) :w
No. It just means that you need more display cases so you can enjoy the ones that are stored away. I rotate some of mine occasionally to freshen up the display.

Got a Few

I'm always looking for them. I have some Danbury, Franklin Mint, and Ertl. I try posting some pictures of them, still trying to figure out how to size them (with Yoda's help);help
Nice pic Lou. :) I feel like I'm :hb when I try to figure out things on the computer sometimes.:) Luckily I have most of the basics down. :w

Thanks, trying my best to get the hang of all this picture stuff. Still have a LONG way to go.

Try this, www.Mikes-Racing-and-Diecast.com , he's got over 2000 items listed and a lot of 1/18 stuff and I remember seeing different corvette years and colors. I just ordered a bunch of things from him, one of which was a 1/18 Dodge 3500 dually with the V10 to set up in front of the trailer I got from Rob with my 62 on it:D I'll get some pictures of it when I get it set up.

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